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30 Celebrities And Their Must-Have Products For The Summer: Revealed!

The past few days had us experiencing 36-degree weather, and in a week or so, everyone will be jetting off for a vacation as holy week beckons. Safe to say, it's officially summer in the Philippines!

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Summer here in the Philippines sure is all about the island getaway—the sun and sand, delicious cocktails by the beach, toned and tanned bodies, basically a grand good time! But with these good times come beauty dilemmas—to wear makeup or not? To slather on lotion or to skip it entirely? What is the right SPF to use? The questions are endless.

In the midst of all these beauty concerns, one thing's for sure: We say summer is a time to rethink your beauty routine and be wise about the products you choose. Not all products are created equal after all, and some are especially made for this heat, so why settle for anything less?


Summer is the best time to spend outdoors! Photo from the Love Beauty and Planet launch at the Unilever Beauty That Cares Summit in Anya Resort, Tagaytay


We recently joined a personal care getaway in Tagaytay dubbed the "Unilever Beauty That Cares Summit", where we spent three full days indulging in the best of summer beauty, and where we got to know some of the best beauty products to obsess over this season!

We got up close and personal with some of your favorite celebrities and influencers too, where they shared their love for the newest summer products they're stashing their beach bags with. Read on to find out what these beauties are loving right now, and why we think these picks are not to miss too!


1. Camille Co


2. Patricia Prieto


3. Verniece Enciso



The All Things Hair Refillery

This breakthrough concept by Unilever Philippines wishes to achieve one thing: to offer a sustainable way for customers to purchase their favorite hair products like shampoo and conditioner. In this "refillery", one can top up on their shampoo or conditioner of choice (ex. Sunsilk, Cream Silk, Dove, or TRESemme) without having to use multiple plastic bottles. At P10 per reusable plastic bottle, one can keep coming back for refills, and can help save the Earth while they're at it. 

The All Things Hair Refillery is currently at pop-ups in your favorite malls until April 14: Glorietta, Trinoma, and Alabang Town Center!

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4. Kelly Misa-Fernandez


5. Christiana Collings-Canlas



Vaseline Cooling UV Gel Lotion with Menthol

This summer heat surely doesn't call for another layer of sticky lotion to keep your skin soft and fair, does it? Think again! You still can hydrate your skin despite this heat with the latest innovation from Vaseline—its first non-sticky lotion especially formulated for easy absorption to give a lightweight, non-greasy feeling (which is all that really matters!) It has SPF, 10x Vitamin B3, cooling menthol, and micro-droplets of classic Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to give your skin the TLC it needs!


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6. Sarah Carlos


7. Debbie Then


8. Kim Cruz



Pond's Beauty Innovations

We all know Pond's is synonymous to skincare, and as one of Filipinas' favorite go-to brands for flawless, glowing skin, this summer, Pond's does not disappoint with its nine new beauty offerings for the season and beyond! Influencers and celebrities like Sarah Carlos, Debbie Then, and Kim Cruz all agree that no summer beauty kit is complete without these genius picks!

We personally love the Pond's White Beauty Brightening Micellar Water, Pond's Mineral Clay-To-Foam Wash, and Pond's Mineral Clay Mask for their ability to cleanse deep within, to create a perfect base for skincare products to follow. You know the golden rule—a clean face is the first step to a good skincare routine.


On the other hand, the Pond's White Beauty Instabright Tone Up Milk Cream, Pond's White Beauty BB+CC Cream, Pond's White Beauty BB Magic Powder, and Pond's White Beauty Instabright Tone Up Powder are keys to brighter, fairer skin. Not everyone is a fan of a tan complexion, so for those who like to maintain glowing white skin, these innovations are your must-haves.


That's not all! Pond's is also proud to bring us their version of the cult sheet mask—the Pond's Age Miracle Serum Mask that harnesses the Korean beauty technology of face masks infused with powerful Pond's formulas that treat different skin concerns. Choose from Wrinkle Correcting Serum Mask made with green retinol, hyaluronic acid and avocado extract; Skin Brightening Serum Mask with niacinamide, Vitamin E and sea daffodil; and Firming Serum Mask with collagen, hyaluronic acid and brown algae extract. Believe it or not, one mask provides 30x the intensity of serum!


For those looking for anti-ageing options, Pond's Age Miracle launches the Pond's Age Miracle Double Action Serum, infused with double Retinol-C complex. It instantly primes and renews skin to strengthen the skin's natural renewal ability by up to two times. It can serve as the perfect makeup base, too!



9. Joey Mead-King


10. Suyen Salazar



The TRESemm√© Compressed Micro Mist Collection

Yes we love to style our hair. No, we don't like heavy hairspray weighing our crown of glory down. What's a girl to do with a dilemma like this? This summer, TRESemm√© introduces its revolutionary Compressed Micro Mist, a game-changing hairspray that invisibly embraces hair for professional quality hold with movement that lasts. You don't have to endure stick-looking hair for fear of heat and humidity ruining your tressses during this season.


The line consists of four different variants depending on your needs: Texture, Smooth, Boost, or Extend. Get salon-quality styled locks at the beach with bouncy, natural movement only with this genius product we sure can't live without!


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11. Heart Evangelista


12. Yassi Pressman


13. Coleen Garcia


14. Rachel Peters


15. Rosenthal Tee


16. Sambie Rodriguez-Tung



Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive

It's no surprise that in 2019, Filipinas are stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing their full potential like never before. That includes their hair choices, and that means strengthening their locks as it goes through daily wear and tear, and harsh salon treatments like hair coloring. For us Pinays, coloring our hair has become the norm, and we are finally embracing a different hue from time to time, but not without the risk of damage. 

Cream Silk brings us its latest innovation this season, the Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive meant for us ladies who are fans of hair color. It has Triple Keratin Complex, an advanced formula with Keratin Relaxers to tame rebellious frizz, Keratin Serum to revive chemically-treated strands, and Keratin Essence to restore extreme dullness. Talk about 3-in-1! We're sold!


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17. Issa Pressman


18. Ida Anduyan



Rexona Natural Whitening Deo

Summer inevitably makes us sweat, but we can surely do something about it! This season of the sun, Rexona launches its all-new Natural Whitening Deo, made with licorice extract and Vitamin E from Sunflower oil, two natural ingredients known to prevent skin darkness. The brand's trusted anti-perspirant technology still won't let you down, as it promises to keep your underarms dry. Two scents are available: Fresh Rose or Fresh Sakura, both feminine and flattering for carefree days outdoors. 


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19. Kimi Juan


20. Maggie Wilson


21. Bianca King


22. Nicole Andersson



Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Oil and Ylang-Ylang Collection & Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Collection

The breakthrough personal care brand of the year, Love Beauty and Planet, continues to make waves in the local beauty scene with its newest line of products perfect for the summer! With scents and ingredients from summer staples like coconuts, Ylang-Ylang, and Mimosa flower, you know you're in for a treat! 

Those of you who are growing more and more conscious about your carbon footprint may very much find that Love Beauty and Planet is on your side, providing Earth-friendly alternatives that keeps you and the planet beautiful. 


The Coconut Oil and Ylang-Ylang collection is designed to repair and prevent split ends, and nourish skin with the feeling of early morning freshness. On the other hand, the Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower collection aims to keep hair strong and full of bounce, and gently cleanses and refreshes your skin during this sunny season.


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23. Arisse de Santos


24-25. Almira Teng & Chin Chin Obcena


26-29. Janna Simpao, Marie Field-Faith, Nikki Garcia, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and Aliza Apostol



The Dove Nourishing Secrets Range

Inspired by women and all the different roles they play, Dove puts the multi-hyphenate woman on the spotlight, and sheds some light on self-care and self-love as a way to truly take care of one's self.

For summer 2019, Dove launches its Nourishing Secrets range that is inspired by women's natural beauty rituals from all over the world. Natural ingredients are injected into the brand's signature nourishing care. The formulations are mild, and are proven to give essential care and nourishment from head to toe.


For your hair, the Hair Boost Ritual contains cone flower for hair fall control, and white tea for boosting hair health. As for the body, the Relaxing Ritual products contain lavender which is known for its calming properties. Last but not least, for deodorants, the Healthy Glow Ritual infuses lotus flower extract which cleanses and purifies skin. Rice water is added to smooth and soften skin, and combined with Dove's unique 1/4 moisturizing cream, the purifying blend restores your underarm skin's healthy glow and tone, all while giving 48-hour protection. 


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30. Ylona Garcia



Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration and Watermelon Freshness

Summer is the time to strip off all the weight because no one likes getting weighed down by anything in excess. 'Tis the season to go lightweight and effortlessly at ease, especially with our beauty! Meet Sunsilk's newest shampoo range that boasts of a light, translucent formula that moisturizes and nourishes hair without the weight!

It comes in two summer-ready variants: Coconut and Watermelon! Both are known for their refreshing properties, and now in a shampoo, you're sure that your tresses are only served with the natural best. These fresh new formulations are set to transform your dull, lifeless hair from sticky, limp, and flat, to hydrated, volumized, shiny, and full of life. Who's in?



Lead photos courtesy of Unilever Philippines