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This New Aesthetic Clinic Has France’s Latest Bio-Slimming Innovation

The newly-opened Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic is a hidden gem among health, beauty, and wellness centers in the city as it launches ReduStim, a non-invasive, painless, and hands-free slimming treatment

When you work out, one of the hardest, and the most stubborn areas to trim is the belly. You can sculpt the rest of your body, but slimming your midsection often takes more than just a hundred crunches. Yet trimming the midsection can spell such a big difference to the way you wear your clothes. 

Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic
Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic in Mother Ignacia Ave. QC | Pat Buenaobra

Our new discovery is the newly-opened Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic in Quezon City, which just brought in the latest slimming innovation from France called ReduStim. This treatment makes use of non-invasive bio-enhancement technology, and can reduce as much as 6 centimeters from your waist in just 12 sessions! This is done by optimizing blood circulation and lymphatic movement, as well as the body’s natural processes, which helps burn the hardest-to-reach abdominal fats.

ReduStim makes use of BioStimology, a unique system that can target two kinds of fat—the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat—a technology that is supported by 20 years of clinical research since 1998.

ReduStim at Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic
ReduStim at Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic | Pat Buenaobra

Each session takes around 30-45 minutes, and involves getting into a bodysuit that will be strapped on target areas. “It will work like you’re doing physical activity,” explains guest speaker Imad Khalfi. Kinetic energy is released along with healing agents into deeper layers of the skin. These help activate the skin’s healing ability, helping create new tissues and produce collagen and elastin. 

Imad Khalfi, General Manager of Cosmosoft Advanced Solutions
Imad Khalfi, General Manager of Cosmosoft Advanced Solutions | Pat Buenaobra

One of the most inspiring testimonials of ReduStim came from the founder of Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic herself, Dr. Katrina Verzosa. “I hope the people who struggle with their weight loss, just like me, will benefit from this wonderful machine,” she says. Dr. Kat, a dermatologist, puts much importance on customer satisfaction, as she looks for the best treatments for her patients. 

Dr. Katrina Verzosa of Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic
Dr. Katrina Verzosa of Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic | Pat Buenaobra

And because ReduStim manages to target visceral fat effectively, it can also help combat health problems associated with this, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and more. This makes ReduStim the ultimate health and wellness treatment. 

Here are more photos from the launch of ReduStim at Verzosa Aesthetic Clinic: