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Lip Blushing Is The Latest Beauty Hack

Move over lip tattoo! From color correction to fixing lip symmetry, lip blushing brings a more natural look, and can even achieve your favorite lipstick shade!

I’ve been seeing a lot of aesthetic lip services that promise the semi-permanence of lip color, but the shades always look the same to me–bright, intense, and seemingly too “drawn on”, until I came across XIVII Beauty Studios on Instagram. What got me intrigued is the name of the procedure—Lip Blushing. It sounds so appealing, especially now that a lot of beauty enthusiasts want an “I-woke-up-like-this” look with minimal effort, without appearing so artificially made up. In my mind’s eye, it’s a very subtle, soft color on the lips that looks naturally beautiful.


We talked to Anneliese Abalos, a professional Lip Blush Permanent MakeUp Artist, owner of XIVII Beauty Studio in Mandaluyong City. She took the risk and invested in herself to study in Canada during the pandemic, and completed the hands-on training education of Fundamental Lip Blush Training in Vancouver. She also completed the additional online training for it, such as the Natural Lips Masterclass and Dark Lip Neutralization, which she both completed in early 2022.

Anneliese Abalos, certified Permanent MakeUp Artist, specializing in Lip Blushing
Anneliese Abalos, certified Permanent MakeUp Artist, specializing in Lip Blushing

According to Anneliese, lip blushing is a more refined process compared to lip tattoo, as it also involves dark lip neutralization (evening out of dark lips), color correction, color theory, and fixing the symmetry of the lips, unlike lip tattooing that penetrates the needle deeper into the dermal layer of the skin. This technique is more similar to traditional body tattoos and can result in a more intense color, giving a more pronounced look.

What are important customer preparations before the procedure?

Hydration and moisturization of lips are so important before the procedure. We have comprehensive dos and don'ts of pre-care instructions on our Instagram account. But in a nutshell, our customers have to hydrate, exfoliate, and avoid blood thinners like ibuprofen or aspirin 24 hours before lip blushing, and we don’t recommend availing the service while on their period.

before and immediately after lip blushing

What exactly happens during the procedure?

Analysis: We first examine the client’s natural lip color and shape to identify any areas of hyperpigmentation or uneven pigmentation. 

Neutralizing Pigment: Then, we select a pigment shade that counteracts the undertones of the client’s natural lip color. For instance, if the lips have a bluish or purplish hue, an orange or coral pigment may be used to neutralize the darkness. 

Application: The neutralizing pigment is carefully applied to the lips, targeting the areas  with the darkest pigmentation. We also ensure that the neutralizing pigment is blended seamlessly into the natural lip color. 

Assessment: After 6-8 weeks, we then evaluate the result to determine if lip color is balanced or any further color adjustments are needed. 


Pain level? Down time?

Pain level differs for each client. I’d say mild to moderate. Pre-numbing gel is applied before the procedure and secondary numbing cream throughout the procedure. The peeling stage typically lasts for 3-5 days and will take 6-8 weeks to see the fully healed result.

How about after-care? Maintenance?

For after-care and maintenance, we give our clients the full comprehensive dos and don'ts, together with what they can expect after the procedure.

How much does it cost?

It’s P15,000 with a complimentary touch-up session (should be booked after 6-8 weeks from initial appointment. Touch-up rates depend on how long from the last session. (Within 3 months P3,500;  within 12 months P6,500; within 24 months P8,500)

Can you customize colors? 

Yes! Color is customized for each client because it would depend on a number of factors like the skin color and undertone. This ensures the results are unique, it’s not a “one-shade-fits-all”. Some customers bring their favorite lipstick and we can match the right hue and adjust accordingly based on the factors. 

XIVII Studios pigments are imported and made from the USA, certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

What is your beauty philosophy?

“As within, so without; as the Universe, so the soul.” The beauty within you should match the beauty outside. We become better and more beautiful versions of ourselves when we are both happy inside and out. At kung masaya tayo sa kung anong nasa loob natin at mas masaya tayo ‘pag tumitingin tayo sa salamin.

What does “XIVII” mean?

It’s derived from my life path number and soul number. I feel they are my lucky numbers (11 & 7).  I’m a MedTech graduate, but honestly I’m much happier now that I chose my own path as a permanent makeup/tattoo artist!

XIVII Studios exudes a distinct vibe of dark femininity

Your studio is distinctly dark compared to other aesthetic clinics that have a more bright and airy vibe, what’s the thought behind it?

My studio is goth-inspired because I love the whole dark feminine vibe. It signifies accepting and embracing one’s self, including our past mistakes. I don't believe life is all “love and light,” and I really wanted it to be different! Usually, if it’s an aesthetic clinic/studio, they stick to white. I’m also a fan of Greek mythology, and if you’ve seen the movie Crimson Peak, that’s the vibe I was going for.

Lip blushing is perfect for those who are on-the-go and don’t want to be bothered with lipstick touch ups, but still want to look polished and pretty. It’s great for a naturally beautiful look, and if you’re not afraid of needles, then this service is for you. 

Follow them at @xiviibeauty on Instagram to book.

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