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Treat Your Dad Or Hubby To These At-Home Pampering Treatments This Father’s Day

Because he deserves the best this weekend and beyond!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s certainly going to be different this year. With the global health crisis and social distancing still happening, odds are we won’t be able to get our whole family and friends together to celebrate the awesomeness of dad. But, just because things will be different doesn’t mean you can’t have some quality time with him!


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There are actually plenty of Father’s Day activities that you can still do while maintaining social distance and keeping everyone safe. Start the day with a Father’s Day brunch or breakfast in bed, and then pick one of these pampering activities for the rest of your day. And don’t limit yourself to just Father’s Day, you can plan these activities to spend time with you dad all year long and when the quarantine is over (with safety precautions, of course!)


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