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Oppa Grooming Tips, According To Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Galvez

Calling all men who love watching K-Drama, this one's for you!

We’ve come a long way when it comes to grooming. These days, the men in our lives are almost as informed as we are about the latest in skincare, hair, and everything in between. We don't blame them for wanting to look more put together, in fact—we appreciate a man who knows how to take care of himself!

The old soap-and-flannel routine that served men for generations has, in the past years, been swept away in a multistep routine of scrubs, masks, moisturizers, serums and balms. In fact, it looks like a meticulous beauty routine for men is taking over the world, as evidenced by the many Korean actors headlining beauty brand campaigns. 


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Korean skincare, or K-Beauty as it’s referred to, has been wooing women’s bathroom cabinets for some time, and men are quickly diving into the trend as well. Glowing and hydrated skin, tinted lips and wavy hair seems to be the route to achieve that Korean “Oppa" style. If you're a K-Drama addict, you probably know what we're talking about! Case in point: all the swoon-worthy looks we can't seem to get enough of!


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This quarantine period, it’s obvious that beauty tutorials are popping online left and right. And of course, that includes K-Beauty tutorials! But this time, it isn’t about how to achieve all those colorful, fun and experimental eyeshadow or contouring looks for the ladies. Instead, we found celebrity makeup artist Jake Galvez's grooming tutorial on how to look like your favorite 'Oppa' or 'BL Thai Idol'.

In this tutorial, Jake made a quick and easy tutorial on Asian men’s grooming, inspired by the looks of K-Drama actor Lee Dong-Wook and Thai actor Bright Vachirawit. Watch full video here: 

So to all the guys' self-care fans out there, are you ready to take on a fresh, glowing transformation? Take on the Oppa grooming challenge today!

Lead photos via Jake Galvez and @leedongwook_official


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