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We Can't Stop Watching Hyun Bin's Close Up Shots At The 55th Baeksang Arts Awards!

As we patiently wait for the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, join us as we admire this superstar actor's amazingly good looks

June is off to a good start for us K-Drama fans, as the week we've all been waiting for has finally come! This week, not only will we at Metro.Style finally launch the most-awaited Hyun Bin exclusive, we're also showcasing the year's biggest awards show in South Korea—the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards! Will your bets make it? 

In four short days, we'll be finding out who gets to take home the prestigious awards in acting, directing, and everything in between! Dubbed the 'Oscars of Korea', the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards is set to showcase a group of some of the most brilliant talents in the industry, part of which is the man of the hour, Hyun Bin!

This year, he was nominated for Best Actor in his role as Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok in phenomenal K-drama 'Crash Landing on You'; while last year, his talents were recognized as he was nominated for the Best Actor category in the show 'Memories of the Alhambra'.

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Hyun Bin surely looked dapper in his all black suit and tie combo last year, paired perfectly with his signature brushed up hair and flawless skin—a vision if we may say so. But what we truly can't get over is the footage of his ultra close up shots that circulated the Internet for us all to savor and enjoy. In the video, a shy 'ahjussi' (older grown man or mister in Korean) smiles and tries his best to hide from the close up shots of the camera, not knowing that he's doing us all a favor by being on screen. You can literally see how pore-less and dewy his face looks, a testament to how good looking this man is! Cue the screams! (Editor's tip: put your Youtube on HD mode for ultra fine effects!)

The unassuming heartthrob, Hyun Bin The unassuming heartthrob, Hyun Bin | JTBC


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Watch the full video here:

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Lead photos via JTBC and Cleo Singapore


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