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2020 New Hair Resolutions

Planning your new ‘do for the New Year? Dare to stand out by breaking all style boundaries with new hair looks you can achieve, with the help of OSIS+ styling range.

Hairstyles for 2020 are shaping up to be all about you embracing a whole new look. Pin straight long locks with a sparkling or pearl hair clip may be easy to maintain and create, but 2020 is all about messy, jagged bobs, embracing curls, and classic shine.



Messy, Jagged Bob


There’s an art that goes into a textured, messy bob or “lob” (aka long bob) that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, or just forgot to brush your hair. Take a visit to your hairstylist and talk about your options—while a bob or lob that hits just right before the shoulders looks great for almost everyone, the length and the jagged cuts will be up to your stylist and your comfort level, especially if it’s going to be your first time to get short hair, and short hair with bangs, more so!


Once you’re done, you need the hair product to pull off your messy bob. Using a small amount of texturing product such as OSIS+ Thrill, rub it between your hands and distribute the product to your locks. OSIS+ Thrill is made with camauba wax, which gives strong but flexible control over your hairstyle.



Au Naturel Curliness


This is the year to ditch the hair straightener and embrace your waves. The notion that maintaining curly hair is time-consuming is a myth, but it does take know-how to tame the frizziness and get well-defined curls. Use OSIS+ Curl Honey on damp hair by taking sections of your hair and scrunching it into your hand, like you’re making a fist. Afterwards, twist sections of your hair—the smaller the twists, the smaller the curls. Go with the natural curves of your curls for best effects.



Soft and Shiny


Shiny hair will never go out of style, but rarely do you see haircuts or hairstyles for women that have shiny hair—unless they just came from their hairstylist, that is. A shine spray will do the trick easily. OSIS+ Sparkler has light, silicone oils that help detangle, smoothen, and add shine in an instant. Spray in short bursts over dry hair, around 30 centimeters away. If your mane is thicker or coarser than usual, you can use it while your hair is damp.



Stays in Place


The thing about hairstyles is they look great the first hour or two, but without using the right product, it will disappear for the rest of the day. Hold the hairstyle in place using OSIS+Session, an extreme hold hairspray that dries fast, isn’t sticky, and brushes out easily. Use on dry hair and spray short bursts of the hairspray 30 centimeters away. For best results, spray your hair in layers.

Osis+ is available in all Schwarzkopf Professional Partner salons.