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5 Life-Changing Curling Iron Hacks You Need To Know

We often see models, celebrities and personalities with perfectly bouncy curls. But unfortunately, achieving those locks isn’t as simple as wrapping your hair around a hot barrel—it’s all about discovering what styling or hair hack works best for you.

So we have some news for you! We put together a list of curling iron tricks for your benefit, to help you figure out how to get any sort of curl you want, whether it’s loose waves or tight ringlets. Generally speaking:


Size matters. When it comes to curling wands, the size of the barrel makes a big difference in the appearance of your curls. The larger the barrels, the looser the waves; whereas for tighter curls, choose a smaller barrel.

Lightly spray hairspray before curling your hair. To make your curls stay for a longer duration, use hairspray! The heat will make the hairspray hold longer.

Curl your hair away from your face. If you want a natural, casual look with volume, make sure you curl your hair in the direction away from your face.

Curl at the roots. If your hair cannot hold a curl, then this trick might help. Start curling at the roots, instead of doing it halfway down your hair. This locks in the heat, making your curls last way longer.


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Comb it. After curling your hair with a curling iron, let your hair cool down first, then comb through it with a wide-tooth comb. Dab a bit of styling cream on your hands and gently rub through your locks to calm any flyaways.


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