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All About Hair: Davines Awards Its Latest Batch of Talented Creative Stylists

Once in a while, we turn our attention from awe-inspiring makeup looks, to breathtaking hair creations executed by some of the finest hairstylits in the country. While makeup is something you can learn on your own via Youtube or Instagram videos, the skill of cutting, styling, and coloring hair is something that has to be learned formally in order to be considered a pro. At Davines Philippines, they are experts at teaching individuals to become hair pros, nothing less.



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Last month, a crowd of over a thousand people saw a brand new batch of Davines Creative Style Academy students graduate at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan. Undergoing a grueling two-month intensive training course with the academy, these 35 aspiring hairstylists from top salons all over the metro gathered to hone their talent and skill in hopes of becoming the country's next best professionals in the hair industry.


From L-R: Armand Sy Valencia (Managing Director, Madeleine Murphy (Allilon Colour Director), Jhay Sorela from Salon de Matt, Jhay's Model, Kezia Sumbillo from South Salon, Kezia's Model, Ariel Apolto from David's Salon Marquee Mall Pampanga, Louie Cruz from Jesi Mendez Robinsons Galleria, Louie's Model, Maria Victoria Peña from South Salon, Maria Victoria's model, Aliza Esmail (Allilon Director), Pedro Inchenko (Allilon Founder and Director), Audra Lucero-Garcia (Marketing Director), Gee Canlas (host)


Apart from enhancing its students' skills in the technical aspect, their personality and presentation were also developed, equipping them further for professional challenges to come. Along with all this, Davines makes sure to highlight its advocacy of sustainability and caring for Mother Nature via products that are respectful of the environment, and with this course, students were also educated on this important brand thrust. They were made to do creations under the "Water, Earth, and Air" theme to further promote the cause.



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With this education, the batch underwent a final exam on technical application and execution of their unique creations, and were judged by the Education Directors of Allilon, a renowned International hair education group from the UK. As part of the exam, their beautiful creations were showcased at the gradution event, to everyone's delight. 

Allilon's latest collection, Fumage


As the gala drew to a close, each student was given an international certificate of completion and were proudly declared as the new batch of Davines Creative Stylists. A couple of them stood out from the rest, and were awarded accordingly. The top graduates were Louie Cruz of Jesi Mendez Robinsons Galleria, Kezia Sumbillo of South Salon, Marivic Peña of South Salon, Jhay Sorela of Salon de Matt Makati and Ariel Apolto of David’s Salon Marquee Mall. These top students will have a chance to vie for a slot to represent our country in the prestigious Davines World Wide Hair Tour 2019 which will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Lourd Ramos


Jesi Mendez with friends

Photos courtesy of Davines