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This Product Line Allows You To Detox Your Scalp

Your scalp gets overworked too. Here's how you can give it the much-needed TLC.

Bet you didn't know how overworked your scalp is. Oftentimes, our focus is on our tresses that we tend to just slather on shampoo and conditioner, and forget to massage it onto our scalp. This common mistake is only ever corrected when we head to the pros at salons for our once-in-a-blue-moon hair treatment or cut.

Consider this our advice: your scalp needs way more TLC than it gets! And while we are used to shampoo and conditioner that's been sitting in our shower for years, it pays to invest in products that do more than just cleanse and condition. 

This Latest Hair Product Range Is for Next Level Self-Care


This Latest Hair Product Range Is for Next Level Self-Care

Environmental pollution, overuse of hair products, fast-paced lifestyles all lead to an overworked scalp, and its weighed-down condition. And because of the growing trend in holistic wellness, detoxing is no longer just for our gut. Detoxing is also now available for our scalp to get it back to its optimal state—where healthy hair is the end goal!

The best way to do it is with Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure's new line BC Scalp Genesis. It is the first holistic detoxifying scalp system with Stem Code Complex which instantly re-balances the scalp and works to improve and secure the future health of your hair!

The Stem Code Complex is a double-action system with Hydrolized Rice Extract and Hydrolyzed Soybean Extract supports your hair in the following ways: stem cell protection and root protection, both of which work for the overall health of your tresses.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Scalp Genesis
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Scalp Genesis

In this collection are a selection of products that offers a holistic, silicone-free range to help target different scalp problems. The different hair imbalances include: dry and sensitive scalp (Soothing Range), oily scalps (Purifying Range), dandruff (Anti-Dandruff Range), and hair loss (Root Activating Range).

And speaking of groundbreaking hair technology, BC Scalp Genesis' Stem Code Complex boasts of a wide range of specific beneficial vitamins which creates a stress-defying system. Yes, your scalp gets stressed too, and with this line, it will be well on its way to a calmer, more peaceful state. Included in this range are the powerful benefits of Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and Biotin—all with the aim of strengthening, moisturizing, balancing, anti-oxidizing, and prevention of thinning. 

“We all want beautiful hair and for this we need a balanced healthy scalp for optimal hair quality”, states Gary Taylor, Care Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional in the UK. He goes on to say that “along with an exclusive scalp detox service we can now protect the scalp by tackling the source instead of just targeting the symptoms.

With this, we urge you to try a scalp detox this holiday break—just the way you would your body and your mind. BC Scalp Genesis is available in all Schwarzkopf Professional Partner salons.