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Here’s How You Can Make Your Bangs Work This Summer, According To These Celebs

Some of you might say that having bangs is a very impractical look this summer (or the rainy season, for that matter). They get so oily and frizzy, the humidity makes them wing, wave, and separate—they stick out every which way when you wake up, and they're also, they cause acne on your forehead.

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But maybe you shouldn't be so quick to give up your dreams of fringe, because we’re here to tell you that there are ways to make it work. To prove it, we turned to celebrity hairstylist Mark Anthony Rosales, who shared some of the best bang hairstyles that will still look great in a heatwave. Keep scrolling to see his sweat-free ways to wear bangs during the summer. 


Side-swept bangs


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“Side swept bangs are perfect for those who aren’t ready to get full bangs.” This style will also make the ponytails you’ve been wearing to keep your hair off your sweaty neck feel more fun and exciting. Take it from Maine Mendoza who's always been a fan of swept bangs and ponytails! 




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Despite how edgy you find them, micro-bangs are more retro than you think. It’s been the bang hairstyle that it girls and fashion muses like Bea Soriano-Dee turn to for added cool factor. And according to Mark, “You can get this style if you are looking for a low maintanance bangs.” 


Curtain bangs


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Center-parted and thick curtain bangs like Georgina Wilson’s are still on-trend, and a fool-proof way to keep random long strands from sticking to your face. 


Clip-in bangs


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Not comfortable with commitment? If you're not yet mentally ready to take the full plunge like Kim Chiu, easy your way in with clip-in bangs. This way, you can test if the cut looks good on you and try many more face framing styles with the variety of options. 


Lead photos from @rjdelacruz, @beibeidee and @ilovegeorgina