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Celebrating 40 Years Of Beyond Beautiful Hair At The Cream Silk Hair Institute

The Philippines’s number one hair care brand takes it a step further with specialized treatments for every Modern Filipina

Cream Silk is the number one hair care brand in the Philippines for good reason. A pioneer since 1984, their dedication to innovate and adapt to every Filipina’s hair care needs is seen in every campaign and every product under their name. 

In 2024, 40 years after they first came to the scene, Cream Silk remains unmatched with the Cream Silk Hair Institute. Unveiled to a crowd of today’s top beauty influencers and experts, it’s where Cream Silk showcases its mastery over hair care. Cream Silk ambassadors Pia Wurtzbach-Jauncey, Catriona Gray, and Kyline Alcantara were also present to partake in the milestone and share their insights. 

The Cream Silk Hair Institute 2024
Cream Silk brand manager, Clarisse Coralde, talks to the guests

Kyline said, “I need to be presentable all the time. Pretty makeup and chic clothes cannot complete the whole look and it doesn't give me that full confidence I need every time I need to step onstage. Having healthy and beautiful hair makes me feel confident, on and off camera or on and off stage. Cream Silk makes me shine even brighter.” 

Kyline Alcantara

On the other hand, Pia highlighted how Cream Silk is reliable as she conquers the world through her various international engagements. “Anywhere I am in the world, I just bring Cream Silk with me and it saves me. I see the difference and I feel the difference.”

Catriona shared, “I’ve always told myself that preparation is a great precursor to success and the way I prepare my best either in work or in life is using regimes that work for me and Cream Silk is a huge part of that. Once you cater your actions, regimes, and mindset to feeling confident that’s when you can be at your best.” 

Pia Wurtzbach-Jauncey
Catriona Gray

The Cream Silk Hair Institute raises the bar higher for proper hair care education. It features the Cream Silk Expert Hair Profiler which analyzes your hair condition so you can be properly matched to the right Cream Silk variant. Of course, the key to ultimately beautiful hair is practicing the correct regimen: (1) Nourishing with conditioners daily, and (2) Repairing with treatments weekly. The Cream Silk Hair Institute also highlighted their different products of note. 

Cream Silk Expert Hair Profiler
The Science behind Cream Silk showcased via Live Demos

The Cream Silk Vitamin Boost Conditioners frees you from frizz and dryness daily by providing your hair with the vitamins it needs. Cream Silk Expert Treatments that repair intense damage from heat styling through Dual-Action Treatment with Keratin & Collagen Dual Serum. On top of that, Cream Silk is set to relaunch the ultimate gold standard for conditioners: The Cream Silk Triple Keratin Serum Conditioners. These are created to enhance smoothness, straightness, and shine this June. 

Cream Silk Hair Institute R&D Station
Salon Expert Treatment by Cream Silk

The Cream Silk Institute is more than just where you can achieve the hair of your dreams. It is proof of Cream Silk’s dedication and unrelenting pursuit of formulations that elevate hair care technology in The Philippines. It is a sign that the past 40 years were only the start, as the next 40 years (and beyond) will be a collection of more milestones for Cream Silk.