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Pia Wurtzbach On Her Crowning Glory—Tips, Tricks, And Best-Kept Hair Secrets

“Don’t you just feel like you have more confidence, when you have a great hair day?,” Pia asks rhetorically. To that, we say, absolutely!

“When I was young, my mom would always tell me that my hair is my crown. And I really believe that,” Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach recalls. Growing up, she would always be reminded of this statement from her mom. She always knew the importance of having good hair. But through the years, she was thrilled to have discovered more ways to make her crowning glory go from good to great. She was even more amazed when she realized that her hair can also have the power to transform her and help her achieve her dreams along the way.  

Pia asks rhetorically, “Don’t you just feel like you have more confidence, like you can face the world, when you have a great hair day?” Absolutely! Hair has always been known to have a direct impact on one’s self-esteem. Simply investing in your hair—the crown we never take off—can make a big difference in one’s life, just like it did for Pia. 

Who would’ve thought that her hair would one day be worthy to be topped off with a real crown? Pia never imagined the invisible crown she held onto for so long would transform into a tangible one. And when it did, her unmistakably shiny hair matched the radiance of the diamonds on her multi million-Peso crown.    

But just as her journey to the crown wasn’t smooth sailing all throughout, her relationship with her hair went through a frizzy phase too. Now that she knows better and is wiser of her product and treatment choices, Pia can look back at her younger self with a laugh. She remembered a time when she DIY-ed her hair and dyed it with a platinum blonde shade. She says, “When I was younger, I actually loved experimenting with hair color, not the cut. I’ve always had long hair but nag-red dye na ako. I tried to achieve platinum blonde before, that would be the boldest move I ever did to my hair.” Not only did her choice of shade not suit her skin’s yellow undertones, the fact that she bleached and dyed her hair by herself was a mistake too. “I actually did three bleaching sessions, and my hair got so dry. The damage stayed for months,” she shares. This beauty mistake taught her and continues to remind her today that, while there are things you can do on your own to improve your hair’s health and appearance, some things are better left in the hands of experts. 

When she ventured into showbiz and pageantry, it was inevitable for her to use hair styling tools almost on a daily basis, and that caused a great deal of stress and damage to her hair. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair may take some time, but when you find the right brand that caters to your needs and suits your preferences perfectly, you’ll never want to let it go. That’s what Pia’s relationship with Cream Silk is like. When she discovered Cream Silk, it’s just never the same again for her. The brand’s conditioners have especially become essentials for her, so much so she uses them everyday and never travels without them. 

This is one of the uiltimate beauty tips Pia can share with everyone: be consistent with your beauty routine. You need to stick to the products that truly deliver the great results you are hoping to see. And take note that the transformation doesn’t happen overnight and that maintenance is always key. With haircare especially, constant nourishment results in healthier and stronger hair strands that are noticeably full of life, too. 

Pia tells us, “Ito real talk and the people at Cream Silk know this, I never travel without Cream Silk. It’s just not the same. Kahit ibang bansa pa ako pumunta, ’pag ’yung conditioner nila hindi talaga match sa hair ko, it’s just never the same. So I’ve always traveled with it even when I was in Miss Universe. I also gave a few bottles away to my roommates. Whenever I travel now, lagi rin akong nagdadala. I feel like you never wanna leave home without your essentials. I just don’t use any other conditioner than Cream Silk, and I’m really happy that I’ve been with them for about six years na.”

A new must-have for Pia are the all-new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Tri-Oleo conditioners, which are now formulated with Tri-Oleo Complex. This new conditioner deeply nourishes the weakest areas of the hair fiber, to restore the hair and make it stronger, smoother, shinier, and visibly full of life. It features a combination of three lightweight, ultra-nourishing hair oils: Argan oil to help strengthen the hair, Rosehip oil to help smoothen it, and Marula oil to help moisture it.   

Thanks to products like this as part of her daily routine and travel must-haves, this beach-loving beauty queen gets to have more fun under the sun as well. She shares, “When I’m at the beach, I like to enjoy my moment there, so I don’t wear a hat or, like, try to restrict myself from the fun. I have the fun but I make sure to do the maintenance after. Sea water, the elements, all of that can take a toll on your hair, especially the beach, salt water, it can really make your hair dry. I like to live life. I like to experience life. I’ll go out there, I’ll be under the sun, I’ll go to the beach, to the desert, to the mountains—I love the outdoors—but I make sure to do all the maintenance after all that.”

During the pandemic, when many women have struggled with maintaining their hair because of limited salon visits, Pia was able to pay more attention to her hair this time and allowed it to be reborn with a more relaxed hair care routine and nifty at-home treatments. She shared with us an easy-to-follow trick she really loves doing these days, “Whenever I work out, I would put a hair mask on, usually ’yung Cream Silk Ultra Treatment Creme or ’yung leave-on mask. I’d leave that on during the workout, mga one hour lang naman ’yun and then s’yempre after a workout, you want to shower, right? Sabay mo na, you rinse everything. It’s an easy way for me to kind of hit two birds with one stone. I’m working out and my hair is also getting some nourishment. That’s a nice hack I’ve been doing. That makes your hair smoother, healthier, and more manageable.” 

Whether she’s at home in Manila attending a Zoom meeting or event, in the UK running errands, or in a summery destination lounging by the beach, this beauty queen is confident that she and her crowning glory are ready to seize the day (and camera-ready all the time, too!). 

Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn with Tri-Oleo Complex is available in five variants: Standout Straight for up to 10X straighter hair, Hair Fall Defense for up to 99% less hair fall, Damage Control for up to 98% damage protection, Dry Rescue for up to 97% free of dryness, and Long & Luscious for lusciously long hair with up to 5X healthier tips!

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