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Curtain Bangs: Get Inspired By The Biggest Celebrity Hair Trend This Season

Curtain bangs are making a major comeback!

We know how nerve-wracking it can get to change a hairstyle you've been so used to (and actually looks good on you). But if you're at that point that you're itching to find a way to refresh them, then this a set of bangs might just be the answer. Apparently, this year, the search for “curtain bangs” have been peaking search status on social media, and recent data gathered from Pinterest reports that the bangs have enjoyed a 600% spike in pins. A lot of celebs seem to be embracing it too, and it’s not hard to see why. It looks effortless with a laid-back edge, and it enhances your style whilst giving depth to your look! From Kathryn Bernardo’s wispy bangs to Dakota Johnson’s retro curtain bangs, here’s a break down on how to wear the trend you’ll start to see on everyone this year!


Kathryn Bernardo


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Kathryn Bernardo’s go-to hairstylist Chris Rodil hooked her up with a long lived-in fringe that flows smoothly into her long locks. This style flatters almost every face shape and works with most hair textures. If you've got long hair and unsure of going the bob route, then this may be for you!


Coleen Garcia


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Coleen Garcia certainly knows how to take her look to the next level. Here, the bride-to-be opts for ultra-straight bangs and a chic top knot. Her full, piecey bangs create a jagged edge that adds a lot of drama to otherwise plain ones.


Erich Gonzales


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These eye-skimming bangs on Erich Gonzales bring a kind of sophisticated glamour. Any face shape can benefit from these kind of bangs. You will only need to vary their length, thickness and finish. 


Camila Cabello


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We’re not sure if we’d recognize Camila Cabello without her signature bangs. Texture, volume and bangs are always part of her look, and we can't blame her! This style works on all face shapes as long as you mess them up with your fingers and product, to give them some texture.


Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson usually rocks straight blunt bangs, but here she is giving it a more feathery fringe—and we’re all about it! 


Lead photos via Kathryn Bernardo and Dakota Johnson