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This Haircare Line Knows Your Problems and Addresses Them

The new Dove Bio-Protein care line truly cares for Filipina hair as it addresses issues of damage: from frizz to hairfall, split ends to dry hair!

The idea of having a holy grail product, a be-all and end all that you can use for years used to be the ideal for most women. What we’re realizing now, with more self-knowledge, and yes, with more research, is that hair needs to change through the years, or sometimes across different days of the week. Are you expecting more hair damage because of your new highlights and bleached ‘do, or have you been stressed out and experiencing hair fall and brittleness, or is your new look for this season the Gen-Z version of pin-straight center-part? Dove Bio-Protein Care, thankfully saw all through that, and with much insight not just for women’s hair but for Filipina hair. 

The new Dove Bio-Protein Care line’s strength lies in the factors: It’s backed by research on Filipina hair damage, backed by the best ingredients that target skin, and backed by bio-mimetic technology that helps rebuild hair.


Products designs for women with slightly to extremely damaged hair99% of Filipinas inadvertently damage their hair everyday, while 1 in 3 Filipinas have made significant lifestyle changes because of hair damage. And yet despite these staggering figures, 81% have not yet found the solution to hair damage. In fact, 75% of Filipinas are dissatisfied with their hair condition. 

During an interview with Metro, Kathleen Sun, Brand Manager - Premium Hair, Unilever Beauty & Wellbeing, further shares the top hair damage concerns of these women, and most of these are frizz, hairfall, split ends, and dryness. 

Damage can occur outside or inside the hair structure, so the top hair damage concerns are further amplified: For external, roughness, dryness, and frizz; and for internal issues, they manifest as brittleness and proneness to breakage. 

What’s even more alarming is that if damaged hair is not cared for, it can progress to more intense damage. 

Oftentimes, we’re surrounded by aggressors from the environment like pollution, to styling products, and the most damaging of all: chemicals that you use on your hair for color, bleach, and rebonding and more. 

Skincare Meets Haircare in This New Hair Revolution


Skincare Meets Haircare in This New Hair Revolution

Products that work in harmony with hair structure

Unilever, as a leader in hair and scalp research developed world-class superior hair and scalp technologies and we see the result in the new Dove with Bio Protein Care. 

This works in harmony with your hair’s structure to help repair and restore damaged fibers, so you’ll have strong, smooth, and shiny hair. 

It has patented bio-mimetic technology inspired by the natural biology of your hair. 

How does it work? The Bio-Protein Care technology penetrates deep into the hair strand, supporting the protein matrices like scaffolding on a building. There’s a lot of reference in the structure of hair, because as we all know, protein are the building blocks of life.

With this, Bio-Protein care promotes hydrogen and ionic bonding within the hair strand, reinforcing the natural keratin structure of hair.

What we can expect: Bio-Protein Care makes damaged hair more resilient, improving even beyond Dove’s previous damage repair technology. 


Four new product lines that each bring strong results

First there’s Dove Ceramide Intense Repair, which gives 10x stronger hair compared to other non-conditioning shampoos. 


Then there’s the Dove Bio-Keratin Straight & Silky which can control frizz for up to 72 hours. It also combats roughness and dryness to give you a smooth and straight silky hair. 


There are also two other products shown during the event: the Dove Restorative Oil Nourishing Care which has serum capsules that go deep into the hair to give 2x moisturized and smooth hair. 


And Dove Biotin Hairfall Rescue which uses its technology to prevent hair fall by 10x more than your usual shampoo and conditioner. This product nourishes hair from roots to tips and strengthens hair fibers with Biotin, thus forming a protective coating around your hair strands. 


You’ve got to try it to believe

Perhaps the best way to understand the products is by looking into the science of what happens to hair. 

As mentioned by Anna Tongco Elevazo, Research and Development Scientist, damage occurs from the different levels of the hair: from the cuticle, to the cortex, medula, and keratin. The Dove Bio-Protein Care line can remove the impurity that cuts through the different layers (just like it does to your hair!), as seen in this demo that compares the results of the Dove Bio-Protein Care actives versus other repair actives.

After applying drops of the actives over the two areas, you’ll see that the Dove row in the right has lighter color than the one with other repair actives. And even after a few minutes, the Dove control set to the right became even lighter!


What are your hair concerns? Let’s find the right product for you by watching Metro’s videos on the new Dove Bio-Protein care line.