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Skincare Meets Haircare in This New Hair Revolution

Join me in my journey to reversing hair damage!

Most days we go about our lives not minding our hair, thinking it will always look good and will cooperate with whatever we do with it. But the more we think it can withstand whatever we throw at it, little do we know that it's already enduring much more damage than it could take. Stress, environmental factors, chemicals in products, and daily heat styling does take a toll on our tresses, leading to frizz, dryness, roughness, brittleness, and worse, eventual hair breakage. 

While these concerns are very real, there's no reason to fret, because as I recently learned at the Dove Care Labs event, 8 out of 10 women still believe that damage can be reversed—and I sure am one of them! Curious to know how? Keep reading this edition of Editor Diaries, this time on the journey I took with Dove recently, to find out how the new Dove Bio Protein Care line works amazingly to address these hair damage concerns!

Metro.Style Beauty & Wellness Editor Kate Paras-Santiago starting her Dove Care Labs journey | Pat Buenaobra

Why Dove Care Labs?

Wondering why it's called such? Dove Care Labs catapults off of history to build a future where damage is reversed to the point of non-existence. Jam-packed with ways to find the ultimate solution to hair damage, Dove Girls will immerse themselves in all the ways damage finds its way to our crowning glory, and experience firsthand the solution that transcends time and circumstance–putting Dove science at the forefront and ahead of hair care innovation. 

I experienced this journey firsthand, and let me tell you—I had a blast!

The Journey

I got there bright and early to get a head start on the experience. First up was a pre-Dove Care Labs photo and video wall where we were able to take our 'before' shots. Next, we got to chill in the lounge with some tea before the program started. What ensued was a series of quick talks and presentations, introducing us to the new hair technology and innovation Dove has for all of us who are seeking to reverse hair damage. It was truly an insightful one!

I enjoyed my cup of tea while waiting for the program to start | Pat Buenaobra
The Dove Care Labs talk by Dove experts | Pat Buenaobra

What followed next was entering into a Revelation Tunnel where we were treated into an immersive experience that allowed us to discover the hair damage culprits like excessive heat styling, pollution from the environment, twisting and styling of hair, and more. It was truly a sight to behold (there was even real smoke!). 

The Revelation Tunnel

After exiting the tunnel, a treat awaited us all, as the brand new line of Dove Bio Protein Care shampoos and conditioners were on full display, in all their glory! Every variant was on display, allowing for us to sniff, examine, and pose with our newfound best hair friends! There we discovered the Dove Ceramide Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, the Dove Keratin Straight & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner, the Dove Restorative Oil Nourishing Care Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Dove Biotin Hairfall Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner!

The Dove Bio Protein Care Product Display | Pat Buenaobra
Kate posing with her hair's brand new best friends | Pat Buenaobra

While wandering around the hall, I found installations and fact displays, further emphasizing the truths and science behind hair damage. At this point, I really knew that my hair needed some serious TLC, and so I headed over to the Assessment Station to get my strands examined.

There were installations of real hair that was untreated, virgin hair, damaged hair, and damaged hair treated with Dove. It was amazing to observe up close! | Pat Buenaobra
Kate getting her hair assessed | Pat Buenaobra

After finding out that my hair is brittle and damaged due to previous dyeing and constant daily styling, I was ushered to the next station, which I must say is my favorite—the Hair Washing Station, where I got to have my hair shampooed and conditioned by a stylist who helped explain the proper way to wash and condition hair. It was a truly relaxing treat! The new Dove Bio Protein Care line still has that beautiful fragrance I love about Dove products, but knowing that it has even more powerful ingredients now makes all the difference. I'm truly adding these to my routine. 

Kate getting her hair shampooed and conditioned with the new Dove Bio Protein Care line

After what felt like an actual hair salon treat, the surprises weren't done, so I found out. I was ushered to the final station, the Hair Styling Station, complete with salon experts ready to work their magic on me. It was a larger than life salon setup, so pretty I couldn't help but take a few snaps myself. The hair stylist worked his magic on me and gave my newly shampooed and conditioned hair pretty soft waves, a style I don't often see myself in just because I'm so used to having it up tied in a bun. It was truly a moment I felt great about my hair—it felt and looked volumized, bouncy, healthy, and full of life. 

The Hair Styling station | Pat Buenaobra
"It was a larger than life salon setup, so pretty I couldn't help but take a few snaps myself." - Kate | Pat Buenaobra

After being dolled up, I proceeded to the Glamour Wall, where everyone who underwent the journey is encouraged to showcase their "after" shots, showing off damage-free, beautiful, healthy hair. It was one of those rare moments I felt like a model, haha! Thank you Dove!

"The hair stylist worked his magic on me and gave my newly shampooed and conditioned hair pretty soft waves, a style I don't often see myself in just because I'm so used to having it up tied in a bun." | Pat Buenaobra
Kate posing at the final station to showcase the "after" look at the Glamour Wall | Pat Buenaobra

The Dove Bio Protein Care line

The NEWEST Dove Shampoo and Conditioner Range with Bio-Protein Care comes in four different variants, all of which have been lab–tested to prove that they work better vs. regular non-conditioning shampoo.

Bio-Protein Care is a breakthrough technology that works with the biology of your hair to visibly repair the signs of extreme damage. Made up of three patented, active technologies that provide a progressive internal strength benefit as well as ingredients that deposit on the hair’s surface to provide a visible external repair benefit, repairing and restoring hair to its healthy look and feel.

Each variant is PETA-approved and features a potent skin ingredient that has been found to have powerful benefits in haircare, ensuring that the new Dove range holds the power of skincare for your hair:

  • The Dove Ceramide Intense Repair was made for 10x stronger and smooth hair that lessens breakage.
  • The Dove Bio-Keratin Straight & Silky boasts of a 72-hour straight and frizz-free smoothness benefit to combat roughness and dryness.

Dove Ceramide Intense Repair
Dove Bio-Keratin Straight & Silky
  • The Dove Restorative Oil Nourishing Care is formulated for 2x more moisturized and smoother hair.
  • The Dove Biotin Hairfall Rescue prevents hair fall 10x than the ordinary shampoo and conditioner.

Dove Restorative Oil Nourishing Care
Dove Biotin Hairfall Rescue

The Dove Bio Protein Care line is now available at leading supermarkets and drug stores. Shop online here.