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Love, Don’t Hate: 4 Hair Affirmations That Will Mend Your Relationship With Your Hair

Not confident enough with the hair that you have? Remind yourself that you and your hair are beautiful with these simple everyday affirmations.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs -- including the one with our hair. Good hair days come and go, and admittedly, our ties with our crowning glory can’t be smooth all the time. Despite our imperfect relationship with it, however, how we love and embrace our mane could change everything and repair the bond with it.

Just like in Dove’s latest campaign, real ladies opened up about their mane affairs -- how their tresses used to misbehave and, eventually, allowed them to mend their relationship with it. Apart from using the right products, hair affirmations can also help improve your connection with it.  


If you’re new to the whole concept of it, remember that making conscious efforts in nurturing your hair is important. So include this in your routine, face the mirror, look at your beautiful reflection, and say those most loving words. Here are some positive and meditative strategies you can use to mend your relationship.

Affirmation: I love the way my hair makes me feel. 

Also connect your feelings to your hair. About being in control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. About being in full control of your emotions, and therefore, your feelings about your hair. Opt to see both sides—the good and the bad—and enjoy the ups, and learn to grow from the downs. Love it, and make it feel loved.


Affirmation: My hair is strong and healthy because I protect it. 

If some looming dark thought about your tresses still stresses you out, you can always rely on trusty products that will bring your hair to its finest condition. Avoid harsh shampoos; instead, opt for beauty treats that don’t just do the job well but also offer quality TLC for the mane and scalp. Our top pick? The Dove Keratin Tri-Silk Serum—available in different variants to address different hair concerns. It’ll leave you with healthier, bouncier, and shinier hair even on gloomy days! 

Dove Keratin Tri-Silk Serum

Affirmation: I picture myself with perfect hair and feel a sense of completion with what I see.

Never doubt your hair and trust that, through all your efforts, it will grow into its peak beauty. It isn’t a dream—picturing yourself in your mane’s perfect health is real. It has all it needs, including your utmost care and love, so it shines and bounces the way it should be. I am content with my crowning glory, and it is enough.

Affirmation: My hair is so beautiful. I am beautiful. I feel beautiful inside and out.

And finally, affirmation that your hair makes you beautiful. It’s one part that makes you, you—look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the words: My hair is so beautiful. I am beautiful. I feel beautiful inside and out. Because you truly are.So even when damage threatens you to hate your hair, don’t—acceptance is key, along with useful products like Dove to treat your crowning glory with utmost care.