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Tired of Hidden Costs? This Shampoo Gives You Zero Compromise Scalp and Hair Care

In this guessing game, Kate Paras-Santiago and Em Millan compete to find the hidden costs of some of the things we take for granted.

Everybody loves a deal—or do we?

Lowering prices—also known as sales discount—might seem like a surefire way to turn heads and generate interest to consumers, and in many cases, it can do just that. But little do we know, there are a lot of layers and potentially negative implications to consider when availing one. 

Let us give you a firmer picture as you watch Metro’s Hidden Costs Challenge with Metro’s Beauty & Wellness Editor Kate Paras-Santiago and celebrity stylist Em Millan. In this guessing game, they compete to find the hidden costs of some of the things we take for granted. Here, you’ll find out if something is worth it, or not! 

First, when it comes to booking a flight, the cost of flying you see initially is not always the bottom line. That cheap airfare looks pretty great at first—but by the time you hit the check-out page, the price has suddenly doubled. According to Kate, “The 1 peso you’re paying just refers to the base fare, or the cost of the plane ticket. You still have to pay for fuel surcharge, web admin fees, and even government taxes. It might be a big discount but you’re definitely not just spending 1 peso!”

And then, there are the discounts and vouchers, which for shops, is a common way to drive sales. But Em says, “Discounts and vouchers are actually a marketing tool to get you to buy a product even when you don’t need to, and even worse, you might not know what you’re getting exactly!”


In the last part of the video, Em and Kate talked about strong shampoos. They both agreed on that finding the appropriate shampoo is critical in the quest for healthy hair. Some shampoos can throw off the pH of the scalp and rob the moisture of  the hair. Their cleaning agents are so harsh, they can damage the hair, make it brittle, and increase frizz. Some can even be so strong that they make your hair weak, causing hairfall due to breakage. But thankfully, with Dove Dermacare Scalp, there are zero compromises


Dove is the alternative to strong anti dandruff shampoos that leave you wondering if you could do better. It’s gentle on your scalp and contains ingredients that clean your hair and scalp while nourishing your hair and loading it up with ingredients that prevent damage and hairfall. 

Fight dandruff and hair fall at the same time and #SwitchToCare with Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Hairfall Recovery Shampoo. Shop it here