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Here’s One Shampoo That Will Give Your Hair Daily TLC At Home

Repair the everyday wear and tear your hair encounters even when you are indoors

Whether it be first thing in the morning, in the middle of a hot summer afternoon, or after a long day, there is something satisfying about stepping into the shower or bath. Time stops and the outside world quiets down as we cultivate our routine—from the way we test the water’s temperature to the way we towel off our bodies. It is here that we’re able to give our bodies the daily TLC it needs. And one of the most important ways we help our bodies to be ready for the day, or recover from it, during bath time is by washing our hair.

Every day, even when we are indoors, we experience buildup on our scalp and strands from sweat, styling products, dust, and a host of other elements that can make our scalp and hair dirty. At the same time, our hair can experience breakage through causes such as heat styling, harsh towel drying, bleaching, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, and skipping haircuts. Even activities where we don’t touch our hair directly can have an affect on its health, such as having an unbalanced diet, and being exposed to drying air-conditioning for long periods of time.


To respond to this, it is essential that we incorporate an intense but repairing tandem of shampoo and conditioner into our daily routine. The main point in doing this is to properly clean our hair and to repair the everyday wear and tear it endures. The reality is that no one is immune to these needs; all types of hair can suffer from damage when not thoroughly cleaned and nurtured. Even when we’re indoors, breakage can still occur. Causes include everything from heat styling and harsh towel drying, to having an unbalanced diet or sleeping on a rough pillowcase.

The good news is that much of the damage can still be fixed—and without having to use an arsenal of creams and serums. Strengthen and protect your locks with these two easy steps.

Dove Nutritive Solutions
Dove Nutritive Solutions

Step 1: Shampoo

During this step, wet your hair, lather your shampoo into it, and rinse thoroughly. Based on your hair type and texture, choose a shampoo that will wash away grime and product build-up, while also hydrating each strand. The end goal is to cleanse your hair without damaging it, so use Dove Intense Repair Shampoo. This potent but nourishing formula is strong is enough to counteract the damage your hair sustains, while gentle enough to use every day.

Step 2: Conditioner

After rinsing the shampoo, combat hair damage with an intense conditioner. Regardless of your hair type, your conditioner will need to have a nourishing, repairing, and softening formula that counteracts dryness and roughness, leaving hair smooth and strong. For an effective formula that visibly repairs damage, use Dove Intense Repair Conditioner. Comb the conditioner through your hair, using your fingers, and be sure to saturate it at the tips, where tangling can occur.

The next time you step into your shower to prepare for the day or wind down from it, take a moment to savor caring for yourself by giving your body the attention it needs, starting from the top.