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This Filipino Hairstylist Is A Hollywood Favorite. Find Out All About Florido Here!

Behind every celebrity is an army of people working 'round the clock to make sure their star shines their brightest at any given time. Thus is the work of talent managers, handlers, road managers, fashion stylists, publicists, makeup artists, and yes, hairstylists!

Here and abroad, the business of celebrity is a job that requires much dedication, countless hours of mental and physical work, and of course—sheer talent! While some people have that innate ability to make another person a star, some study it, and take years to perfect their craft. 

Meet Florido Basallo, a Filipino-born hairstylist who has made it big in the Hollywood beauty landscape!


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He is the mane genius behind some of the biggest names in Tinseltown—think Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin, pop stars Halsey and The Chainsmokers, and even supermodel Karlie Kloss. One scroll through his Instagram feed immediately tells you this guy has extraordinary talent for dressing up these stars' tresses to fit their equally stunning looks. 

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While it is impressive to know that yet another Filipino creative is making waves in the US, we were utterly curious as to how his journey has been, to finally get to where he is right now. Luckily, Metro.Style got to exclusively chat with Florido, and asked him our burning questions about living life in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Check it out here:


Photo courtesy of Florido


Metro.Style: How did your career as a celebrity hairstylist begin? How long have you been in the industry?

Florido: I’ve been part of the hair industry now for 15 years. Before hair, I was a professional dancer. I worked with Rihanna, The X Factor, and Glee to name a few. While pursuing that career, I was also paying my dues as a hairstylist, assisting top hair dressers in LA, while going to my auditions and other things. Just doing the most. When I finally decided to put 150%  on my career in beauty, things started to really take off for me!


Photo courtesy of Florido


Photo courtesy of Florido


MS: Have you always been a fan of hair or did you ever dabble in makeup? 

Florido: When I was a child, I would watch my mom get herself ready in the mirror. I used to beg her to let me help her with her glam—hair or makeup. This is where it all started for me. Whatever she had in her kit was what I used. It was a creative outlet for me. 

Photo courtesy of Florido


Photo courtesy of Florido


MS: What is your most memorable project/job booking by far?

Florido: Traveling the world with Justin Bieber as his groomer has been the most memorable experience thus far. I’ve always wanted to see the world. Never imagined I would get the opportunity to see it that way. God is Good!


Photo courtesy of Florido


MS: What's it like working with Justin and Hailey?

Florido: I love them both very much. We’ve been working together for a LONG time. 


MS: What is your specialty as a hairstylist? What looks are you known for?

Florido: I’m not quite sure what I’m known for. Obviously whatever my celebrity clients do. People pull a lot of inspo from their style. Cut, color, extensions, wig styling, and even makeup sometimes. I try to be well versed in my craft so that I have more to offer. I’m always learning.  


MS: What can we look forward to from Florido in 2019?

Florido: World domination!  There’s a lot of stuff in the works that I would love to share, but when the time is right.  Until then, I’m going to be doing my thing working with all my clients in the salon, and on the road. Wherever life takes me. Hopefully the Philippines! I’ve never been! 




Love You Son.

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MS: What top advice can you give aspiring celebrity hairstylists who want to make it big someday?

Florido: To everyone out there trying to break into the industry, pay your dues. Find a mentor, and surround yourself with people that inspire you. Always do your best. 


MS: What would your dream project be?

Florido: I would love to come back from dancer retirement and shake my ass with Cardi B!


Check out some of Florido's Hollywood hairstyling work here:



Special thanks to Pia Campos of W Talent Management ( and @wtalentmanagement on Instagram)