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Say Goodbye To Hair Dye! You Can Now Get Rid Of Gray Hair Without Coloring It

Like most people, you probably think that gray hair is a sign of ageing, or that it’s simply genetic. While those factors do play a role, the good news here is that you can slow down—and possibly even reverse—the graying process.



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“There are so many factors [that cause gray hair], the age, too much sun exposure, stress, smoking, and a lot of external factors, as well as genetics,” said Myriam Welsh, hair care brand Phyto’s Regional Brand and Marketing Director. 

People typically start having gray hair during their mid-30s—from there, the likelihood of turning gray increases 10 to 20 perfect every decade. “We have oxygen peroxide in our hair. With age, it will decrease its activity, so, the oxygen peroxide will increase and then it will bleach the hair.”



So, itching to find out what we can use to cover them? Yesterday, Phyto launched their newest hair product called Phyto RE30. It's the first anti-gray hair treatment that brings back color to your hair without using pigments. “With RE30, we are targeting all these factors, we are increasing the melanin production, we are increasing the transfer into the hair fiber, and we are decreasing the production of oxygen peroxide,” Myriam said. 

“The product is 98% dermatologically-approved, that’s very important. It’s a botanical product so it can be used by men, women, pregnant women, and even if you have other treatments—hair loss treatments, etc…”



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Now, go forth and get your most (non-graying) fabulous hair ever!


Lead photos via Phyto USA