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The All-In-One Styling Tool Is Finally Here!

Bid hair woes goodbye this holiday season and the new year—the Dyson Airwrap has arrived!

Not all women have the time (and budget) to head to the salon every single day. For most of us, a typical morning of hair styling consists of a quick shampoo and conditioner session in the shower, 5 minutes in front of the electric fan, and out the door we go! For some that have a little more time, a blow dryer is turned to full blast heat for faster drying results.

The Dyson Airwrap prototypes


It’s no secret that styling hair is an Achilles heel for most women, and so we resort to living with lackluster looks, or reserving hair salon visits for very special occasions. And while there are those who put more effort to styling hair on the daily by using multiple tools like a dryer, a straightener, or a curler, the overall process still becomes tedious, and often results in hair damage due to extreme heat styling.

This holiday season and the new year, save yourself from the burden of having to arrive at parties with less than perfectly styled hair with a tool that literally does it all! Meet the Dyson Airwrap—a styler that uses airflow to allow you to achieve salon-style looks like voluminous curls, natural waves, and smooth blow-dry finished hair, all in one! The best part? You don’t need a pro to do it for you. You yourself can get this done in an instant!

The The Dyson Airwrap complete set engineered for multiple hair types


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The magic of this tool lies in Dyson’s fast, high-pressure digital V9 motor that harnesses a phenomenon called the “Coanda effect” which basically occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows next to a surface and, due to differences in pressure caused by the surface, the air flow attaches itself to the surface. Dyson’s team of aerodynamicists then created a way to style hair using only air combined with heat! The result is prevention of hair damage from extreme heat! This tool also cuts out the extra time needed to dry hair before actual styling. The Dyson Airwrap styles from wet to dry, meaning a chunk of time is slashed, and efficiency is achieved!


The Dyson Airwrap is lightweight and easy to handle!


There are a number of attachments that make this all-in-one tool a breeze to use: the Pre-styling dryer, Soft smoothing brush, Firm smoothing brush, and Round volumizing brush for straightening hair with volume, plus the 40mm Airwrap barrel, 30mm Airwrap barrel for curling depending on the size of curls you want to achieve. Once you’ve chosen what attachment to use, the combination of powerful airflow and heat control allows you to safely style with ease! It saves time from having to switch from one tool to another, and avoids those dreaded tangles associated with heat tools and certain brushes.


The Coanda effect
The Dyson Airwrap was tested on multiple hair types all over the world


We’re pretty much convinced that every woman has to have this kit on her vanity at home, and can be considered a great investment for long-term beauty gains! The Dyson team took a total of six years to develop this product, £24m in investment in research and development, 646 prototypes, and 230 engineers and scientists—to make sure we get the best!


Get straight, volumized hair minus extreme heat from hair irons or hair dryers


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1—The Dyson Airwrap; 2—30mm Airwrap barrel; 3—Firm smoothing brush; 4—Pre-styling dryer; 5—Round volumising brush; 6—Soft smoothing brush; 7—The Coanda effect


The Dyson Airwrap styler is available at Dyson Demo stores at Greenbelt 5, SM Aura Premier, and The Podium.