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Grease, Be Gone! Here's How To Combat Oily Hair

If you’ve got naturally oily hair, you’re no doubt washing it every single day to remove the oily look and feel—but did you know that this can do more damage to your locks than good? Our hair needs natural oils to stay healthy, but frequent washing with shampoo can end up stripping them of all this goodness. While we understand that you don't want to be walking around with an oily head most especially in this heat, there are far better products and solutions than simply washing it twice a day. 

To keep your oily hair worries at bay, we’ve combed through some of the best shampoos to bring you the best formulas that cut through the icky oils (the bad ones) while maintaining a healthy head of hair. We hope you find your hair soulmate in here somewhere!


L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo

One glance at this shampoo’s ingredient list and you’ll notice that most of it are usually found in a skincare product. We’re talking about kaolin clay and salicylic acid. The result? Fresh, clean and oil-free roots—because a healthy scalp means healthy hair!


Sachajuan Normalizing Shampoo

Does your hair have oily roots and dry ends? This shampoo provides your strands a powerful blend of antioxidants to clean and hydrate simultaneously. We're signing up for this!


Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

If your hair gets greasy fast, you might want to consider adding this shampoo into your routine. Its formula includes ammonium laureth sulfate—a super-effective clarifier that removes oil and dirt.


Wella Balance Pure Purifying Shampoo

Here’s another shampoo that removes all impurities and oil from the hair without dehydrating it! Wella’s purifying shampoo will leave your hair soft, without that heavy and sticky feeling that leads to greasiness.


Celeteque Clarifying Shampoo

A once-a-week shampoo formula that promises to free your head of gunk you've accumulated from hair products, oil, and pollution. Just one use per week and you know you're on the right track!


Tresemme Dry Shampoo

If all else fails, dry shampoo is your best bet for solving greasy hair on-the-fly! This pick from Tresemme is reliable for days when you don't have the luxury of bathing as long as you want.


Bench Fix Shampoo & Dash Dry Shampoo

This no-nonsense product is one to have in your car, in your office drawer, or wherever you usually spend time—it's bound to save you from a lot of trouble!


Lead photo from @violetgrey and Unsplash