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#MetroBeautyWatch: 5 Hair Color Trends You'll Start To See Everywhere This Year

Season after season, beauty trends naturally come and go. One day matte lipstick is in, the next day it's back to gloss. The same goes for hair color. Once upon a time, getting streaky highlights was the cool thing to do, but now, riskier shades are making a comeback. Thanks to social media, it’s now easier to see what our peers, favorite influencers, and celebrities are going for in terms of dye jobs. That’s how trends are born after all!



This then got us thinking: how can we get ahead of what’s next in hair color? By heading directly to some of the best in the hair industry, of course! Ahead, we talked to top colorists and hair experts about what shades are going to blow up big in 2019! They aren’t psychic for sure, but by listening to their clients’ requests day in and day out, they pretty much get what trendy shades are considered "must-haves" for the year ahead.

Lucky for us, a bunch of these hues are decidedly wearable. Some are pretty easy to achieve, while others are a bit on the risky side (we’re looking at you, pastel). One thing's for sure—each of these hair colors can look incredible on just about anyone looking at shaking things up! Time to get our coloring on!


Living Coral


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Turns out, the color of the year “Living Coral” could also provide us the perfect inspiration for our next hair makeover! “Being the Pantone color of the year, some will try this edgier version of a pastel pink. It’s a hybrid of the rose gold and pastel pink (two of last year’s sought after trends) emphasizing on its golden undertones,” said Chiara Echiverri, the Director of Operations at Design Studio. The pink-meets-orange shade is ideal for brightening up your skin tone and making you feel more energized for the year ahead!


Dirty Blonde with Shadow Roots


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Rather than getting a super light platinum blonde or a buttery golden blonde, why not give yourself a dirtier color this year? According to Chiara, “This year, we think golden blondes are coming back in lieu of icy blondes. More and more, clients want longer wear with their color by adding shadow roots. This creates a nicer transition for regrowth and will definitely buy some time for the next touch up. This can be done with Microhighlights or Balayage.” 


Jet Black


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A lot of celebrities are leaning towards this bold and rich color with Cher in mind. “This goes hand in hand with the glass hair trend of last year’s. Though it might work best with olive skin tones, clients with other skin tones can use a bit of bronzer makeup to make sure this hue won’t wash out their skin tone.” 


Choco Brown


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This color is the perfect refresh for dark chocolate hair that wants a silky mocha finish. To complete the look and truly get into that “new year, new hair” trend, you can also get a bob haircut a la Sue Ramirez to make it look more edgy and stylish.




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It's just the beginning of 2019, but more and more stars are veering from jewel tones and leaning into pastel hues. Cases in point: Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner, who are both rocking icy blue hair. “This season, men and women are more aggressive and more fashion forward. They follow what’s in and what’s hot with their fave celebs,” celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos says. With this trend becoming more and more popular, it seems as though all of us feel just confident enough to try a daring shade.

Now what shade are you getting for those tresses?


Lead photos from Arci Munoz, Sue Ramirez and Janella Salvador