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Hair Colors To Try For The Holidays

Stand out this holiday season with the six new shades of Igora #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge

Wanting to try something new with your hair? The holidays are perfect for that big experiment.Not only do you have extra cash to spare (hello, 13th month pay and Christmas bonus!); you'll also have the best family photos and OOTD! 

Schwarzkopf Professional, a leader in professional hair color, has a new collection they collaborated on with their ambassadors to create new, bold and vibrant colors. Dubbed the Igora #RoyalTakeOver, this collection is the epitome of true innovation and creativity, reinventing the way we look at hair color. 

One is the Dusted Rouge—reinvented reds from UK-based Schwarzkopf Professional Color Ambassador Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Color Specialist Jean Philippe Santos. It comes in six different shades that can be used together and mix-and-matched for a different and fresher look. The shades range from subtle and barely there to deep and muted vintage red. With the right stylist, the colors from the Dusted Rouge range can bring a whole array of results. Brunette? Red wine? Schwarzkopf has you covered.

Here are some amazing new hair colors and styles made possible by the Igora #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge that you’d want to try next.

Short and fierce
Image from Essential Looks #IgoraRoyalTakeOver

Short and Fierce

Want something that will highlight your beautiful cheekbones? Get your hair chopped and lightened to achieve this rustic copper bob. Perfect for light and fair skin tones, it’s easy to maintain and lasts long—even without purple shampoo. Autumn feels in December!

 Effortless Copper
Image from Essential Looks 2019

Effortless Copper

If you don’t want to subject your hair to bleach, don’t worry, there’s still an amazing copper shade for you! Thanks to efficacy of the Dusted Rouge, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair too much just to achieve beautiful, colored locks.

Jean Philippe has transformed virgin hair into lighter reddish and brownish shades like this, thanks to the vibrancy and coloring power of the Igora #RoyalTakeOver dyes. He assures that even the darkest, blackest hair can be lifted without bleach—as long as it’s virgin hair, and not dyed black.

Image from @schwarzkopfproph

Rose Gold Color Melt

Like an elegant flower that’s in full bloom, this color melt will be your new stand-out moment! Color melt is a new technique where the color flows and blends so seamlessly there’s no distinction between the colors used. Think of it as an evolution of the popular ombre or balayage coloring technique.

The color melt technique is essentially what the 6 shades of the Igora #RoyalTakeover Dusted Rouge is made for: seamless combination of dyes to make the hair alive and vibrant. It also harnesses the genius power of the Igora #RoyalTakeOver Pastelfier, a special Schwarzkopf product that dilutes any of Igora Royal dye tone into an amazing pastel.

How about this color melt variant to your usual pink?

Image from

Deep Rouge Extravaganza

Give your curly hair a brand new look! This is a Jean Philippe signature, which gives off a livelier red, with a brand new dimension. The range of tones is subtle, but its subtlety is what gives this look an eye-catching, almost shimmering effect. In Jean Philippe’s words, “The combination of shaded, deep vintage reds that fade inside-out and add some beautiful iridescence is super powerful but soft at the same time.”

Image from

Pastel Rouge Allure

If you just can’t choose among all the beautiful shades of the Igora #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge, why not put everything in? This is Lesley’s signature look, a combination of the barely-there red hues and the raw, subtle tones that’s brought out by the Pastelfier. It’s a soft medley of copper and powdery flushes of pink, giving body and character to a long, straight-cut hair. 

Ready to recreate some of these looks? The IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge is available in Schwarzkopf Professional Partner Salons nationwide.