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How To Solve Your Hair Dilemmas During Quarantine, According To Hair Experts

Exposed roots or in dire need of a trim? Hair experts Mark Rosales and Lourd Ramos answer your commonly asked hair questions!

The social distancing guidelines and community quarantine in full effect temporarily closed down all non-essential businesses across the country to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. Sadly, this includes our go-to hair salons and barbershops, and other pampering joints we used to frequent. 

While not exactly essential, hair salons and barbershops provide an important service to people trying to manage their tresses, and those who require regular maintenance trims are realizing that they can't get that professional trim for at least a few more weeks. 


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Recently, Pinterest reported that searches for “home haircut” went up by 417 percent, and “how to strip hair color naturally” by 156 percent. Many people have also taken to Instagram to show off dramatic color transformations—green, blue, blonde—while a few others are embracing their natural grays. 

Even celebs have their own quarantine hair story as well, as musician Pink recently shaving her own head, Ricky Martin coloring his hair pink, and John Mayer and Jim Carrey growing out their facial hair. And the hashtag #quarantinehair provides no shortage of proof that more and more people are channeling pent-up energy into DIY bang trims, buzz cuts, and bleach jobs. Who can blame us?


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With the sudden influx of time and the increased desire to do or create something—or anything—to fill up our days and distract ourselves from the things happening outside, we talked to hair experts to share their answers to your commonly asked hair dilemmas and questions: How do I take care of my growing roots now that my natural hair color is exposed? How do I do a trim at home without sabotaging my locks?


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How do I take care of my growing roots now that my natural hair color is exposed?

According to celebrity hairstylist and Marqed Salon owner Mark Anthony Rosales, “You can use black tea to cover them up. Black tea gives a melanin and keratin boost to your mane which restores the natural pigment of your hair." He also added, "Change your hair partition or experiment your hair parts to cover regrowth."

Any tips for doing a hair trim at home?

“Use dry cutting only for accurate length. Also, don’t use kitchen or office scissors because it can cause split ends.” He also recommended, “Cut less. You don’t want to end up going shorter than your preferred length.”

What are the best homemade hair treatments?

If you’re freaking out about having bad hair days during the quarantine, worry no more! Mark created a YouTube hair series that will only need things that you already have in your kitchen. From a DIY vinegar treatment to egg hair mask, he’s got you covered! Watch his videos here:

What is the right way to cut men’s hair at home?

According to Lourd Ramos, always start with clean hair. It is important to shampoo first before cutting the hair. Then choose the clippers to trim the sides and back of the head, to tidy up loose bits around the ears, or even to buzz the entire head to a uniform length. 

For trimming the top and bangs, dampen the top of the man’s head, and comb the hair forward. Use a spray bottle to lightly spritz the uncut hair. Comb the hair forward and make an imaginary line down the center of head, as if it were between his eyes separating the right side from the left side. You can also section the hair with clips if you need to. Watch full video here to see the step-by-step tutorial:

'Till we're legally allowed to head to our hairdressers again, challenge yourself for a hair upkeep challenge! Good luck and stay safe! 


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