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Read On The Benefits Of Staying Hydrated, And Get Glowing Like Catriona Gray!

Follow this simple beauty rule for a fresh glow everyday.

One beauty secret that we often overlook is hydration. We wake up in the morning and rush to the shower, prep and have some coffee, then rush out of the house to get to our workplace in time, leaving no room to down some water or moisturize our skin and hair. But thanks to the rise of the beauty and wellness industries, we’re becoming more aware of its importance to our daily lives. Not only does proper hydration improve your health, it’s also beneficial to a glowing appearance. 

It’s also become a trending movement—from daily tweets to memes, you’ll find that reminder to always #StayHydrated. But it doesn’t end there, as this basic beauty rule now comes in different forms, too. From creams and serums to mists and masks for both hair and body, hydration is all around us, waiting to be consumed!

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray didn’t shine in the international pageant stage without following this basic beauty rule—she’s a fan of proper hydration! No wonder this queen slayed the world with a glowing complexion and the best hair. If you haven’t jumped in on this health bandwagon yet, trust that with the following reasons, we’ll convince you why you should! It’s not just a secret of beauty queens, it’s for real women like you too! Scroll ahead and get convinced!

Smooth and clear complexion. Our skin is our largest organ, made up mostly of water. If not given proper hydration, imagine a soil parched of water—it’s prone to dryness and sensitivity. Get the compliments by stocking up on hydrating products to help you achieve a fresh, well-moisturized look. And yes, always drink your eight glasses of water a day or more!

Delayed ageing. Dry skin means faster degeneration, which shows on the outside, too. When properly hydrated, your body functions normally, thus slowing down the appearance of the signs of ageing. Now we know why our beauty queens look forever youthful, and you can be, too!

Flushes out toxins. It’s like going for a bath—when you scrub yourself clean under the shower, you take out dirt accumulated throughout the day. It’s the same on the inside of your body as well, as water helps cleanse the bad stuff out, thus reducing the formation of bad bacteria, including the dreaded acne-causing bacteria. The result? Radiance that shows!

Great hair days. Untangling your hair is now a thing of the past! Staying hydrated makes your crowning glory less prone to damage—think less frizz, more bounce, and more luminosity. When you have a great hair day, you’ll be ready to pull off many different hair styles, and face the world with confidence while you’re at it! Achieve this with the help of the new Creamsilk Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner range! This easy-rinse hair product is intensely hydrating, minus the grease and heaviness—a great solution to rock beautiful hair that’s light, all day, every day!


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