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Julia Barretto On Letting Her #GandangNatural Shine Through

The Metro.Style cover girl spills her fool-proof self-care tips she acquired during quarantine.

When it comes to #GandangNatural, Julia Barretto is one of the first women to come up in our list. With definitive features, a slim body, smooth and glowing skin, and shiny, healthy hair many girls would want to have for themselves, it’s no wonder the actress has grown into a top-tier beauty icon of this generation.

Now, with the pandemic keeping everyone inside their respective spaces, we got to see the more natural side of Julia at home—through her vlog, Just Julia, and her Instagram posts that feature her day-to-day life in quarantine, just like everyone. Personally, she points out, it is important for her to let her true self shine, especially during these times.

“When I realized that this is gonna be our situation for a longer time, it was about time to put myself first and take care of myself,” the 23-year-old tells Metro.Style. Checking in with her thoughts, feelings, and needs have become a primary goal, and the cover star generously shared how she adapted to the “new normal,”—the habits she picked up, how she takes care of her well-being, and of course, the secrets to her natural radiance!

One of the things that helped her adjust to the stay-at-home situation is the various self-discoveries she found in the past months. Julia has evolved into an early bird, gained a new skill in cooking, and became a plant mom. The actress also turned in a new leaf and changed her outlook into something more positive. With so much fear of the unknown, she says, her home has become her safe space.

And in this safe space is where she maintains the rule of self-care. “How you feel about yourself is important—it really reflects on how you treat yourself and your relationship with other people,” the cover star adds.

Apart from taking care of the inside, she also looks after the physical as well. During quarantine, the old adage, “less is more,” is ingrained in her more than ever. “I've learned to simplify my skincare and hair routine. Now it can be done in 10 minutes,” Julia spills. Following a solid morning and nighttime routine, drinking lots of water, and getting eight hours of sleep are fool-proof tips from the actress, too.


When it comes to her hair, she uses her favorite Palmolive Ultra Smooth Shampoo infused with aloe vera extracts. It helps make her tresses manageable so that she can just finger comb it easily. And since she spends a lot of time at home, Julia switches hairstyles into three easy and effortless ‘dos—up in a high bun, simply put down, or dainty in a half pony.

In terms of fashion, you’ll spot her wearing comfy ‘dasters’ and loungewear, which Julia has grown fond of. “I'm not ashamed of it!” she exclaims.

“I've appreciated so much how we just naturally look,” the Metro.Style cover girl further says.  “I've gotten so comfortable in my own skin—you know, even when my hair is undone or I’m not wearing any makeup on. I’ve learned to really feel confident with that, and be okay with that.”


Indeed, it’s embracing that genuinity and realness that Julia has fully manifested during quarantine. She thrives in embodying her natural side, her natural self. And this is how she maintains her #GandangNatural—without the extras, without the sham. It’s just Julia being Julia.