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3 Self-Care and Positivity Lessons From Julia Barretto During the Quarantine

In this day and age of uncertainty, Julia Barretto leads the way to showing authenticity while still looking (and feeling good)

The pandemic has brought about a certain level of anxiety for everyone. There is so much uncertainty, and yet on social media, it seems like everything is fine for most. From picture perfect feeds to cheerful captions and the like, for some, it seems like the only indication of a pandemic is the fact that they’re wearing masks and face shields. 

Yet we know that much of this is fake. So what, then, can we trust? Who is real, who is genuine?

The answer came to us during Metro.Style’s cover shoot with Julia Barretto. She was beautiful, carefree, and she didn’t hold back. Dynamic, vibrant, with her own brand of sass, Julia, during the shoot not only only reinforced what we know of her throughout out various collaborations. 

She was little spot of genuineness in this complex, uncertain world. 

This Palmolive girl was real, raw, and natural—she is never afraid to speak her mind, and even if she seems vulnerable for it, she stands by her feelings and is never afraid to let them show. 

Unlike many, Julia thrived during the pandemic. She learned more about herself, and even had a chance to step out of her comfort zone. Despite the many challenges in her life, she emerged, victorious. What was important, she says, are the following: 

1. Being open to try new things.

During the quarantine, Julia learned to be independent and take care of herself. “Having my own space and just having been in my own home, and living independently has a lot to do with my healing,” she says. Part of this is learning how to cook, clean the house, and take care of her own home. 

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2. Choosing positivity.

“[I] fill my thoughts with just a lot of positivity and a lot of hope,” she shares. So that when there are many things going on, she tries to focus on the present, and not dwell on the past. Instead of getting stuck, she always finds a way to move forward. 

Julia always chooses to be positive, no matter what.
Julia always chooses to be positive, no matter what.

3, Simplifying her routine—from her skin, to body, to hair. 

While Julia didn’t have much time to work out, instead she chose to find balance between what she would eat, and instead find more natural ways to move—like taking the stairs or walking. The same goes for her beauty routine, she instead chose to simplify her skincare regimen. For her haircare needs, she pared it down as well using Palmolive Naturals. 


“In the morning, I’ll do my shampoo, my conditioner, and then at night, I’ll just do my conditioner, because the next day, I’ll be doing shampoo naman. It’s just so simple,” she shares of her routine. 
There's no need for Julia to overthink her hair routine.
There's no need for Julia to overthink her hair routine.

“Using Palmolive, [the] ingredients [I need for my] hair is right there so you don’t have to do much. I don’t overthink my hair regimen anymore.” 

Her favorite part is she can just fingercomb her hair.
Her favorite part is she can just fingercomb her hair!

With her new life in this post-pandemic world, Julia remains an inspiration to many, a beacon of hope to those who are trying to make sense of the uncertainty. In the midst of it all, her natural grace and beauty shines through.