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These Are The Freshest Ways To Rock Long Hair With Bangs This Season

Because it wouldn't hurt to look a little bit like Heart Evangelista, Liza Soberano, and Jess Wilson!

Long layered haircuts with bangs have long been a favorite in the beauty world. Up until this day, this kind of hairstyle is firing up on fashion runways and our social media feeds, proving that it can fit almost any hair type and face shape.

Taylor Hill's long fringe bangs add an effortless yet chic vibe to her big, beautiful waves | Photo: @patrickta

This trend is becoming more and more popular among women these days, and celebrities are no exception. Heart Evangelista, Liza Soberano, Sofia Andres, Bea Soriano-Dee and Jess Wilson are just some of the famous personalities who have opted to try this cut! Case in point:

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What we love about this hairstyle is how the length gives us plenty of options for buns, braids, and ponytails, and the bangs keep everything looking trendy and chic. You can also throw in “extras” like highlighted tips and tapered edges to give yourself and even bolder look. Honestly, the sky is the limit when you start brainstorming for a long hairstyle idea with bangs.
Selena Gomez's soft and feathery bangs are the perfect complement to her big, voluminous waves | Photo: @marissa.marino
Zendaya showcases her springy curls and expertly styled bangs | Photo: @marissa.marino

According to pro makeup and hairstylist Jim Ryan Ros, “This is a very versatile haircut as it can be fun, edgy and even posh depending on the styling.” He also shared some helpful tips on how to style them, “By loosely curling it, you can give off that young and fun vibe. While by playing two textures, having the bangs straight and the rest of the hair curled will definitely make you look more edgy. And finally, by wearing it sleek straight, it will give you a more posh, polished look.”

We surely believe that long tresses and a fringe is an amazing combo. Long hair with bangs looks much crisper either because of the striking contrast it gets when there is a strong disconnection in the lengths or due to that cascading effect we adore in hairstyles with face-framing layers. All in all, this haircut is a great way to update your otherwise blah hair day, and the best part? We think anyone can rock it!

Lead photos from @iamhearte, @lizasoberano and @beibeidee

Slideshow photos from @sofiandres, @iamhearte, @lizasoberano, @jesswilson and @beibeidee