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Slay Hot Summer Days By Keeping Your Hair Smelling Fresh All Day

In the newest episode of Metro Labs, we help Lou Yanong find the easiest way to freshen up her hair

Let’s face it: Philippine summers are brutal. For people with a full head of hair, it’s even more unbearable. It’s hot, it’s humid, your hair is everywhere, it’s dry, dull-looking, and, worst of all, it smells like you’ve been out in the sun all day!

When we talk about bad hair days, it’s not always how your hair looks. It also has a lot to do with how it smells. True enough, there’s a link between fragrance and smell, and how it affects emotions. It can either ruin your mood or make you more confident.

Now that it’s summer and there are less restrictions when going out, we’re all expecting to be a bit more on-the-go again—many have gone to work full-time, which means more time commuting or taking on more activities outside the home. This can also mean we’re not always able to hop into the shower and wash our hair whenever we want.  

Model, actress, and vlogger Lou Yanong, most recently known for her stint in PBB: Otso, knows exactly what we’re talking about. Whether it’s after a sweaty workout, an hour of cooking, or samgyupsal with friends, unwanted odors emanating from our hair are not always avoidable. Also, spraying cologne or perfume on your hair won’t necessarily mask odor—it can actually make it worse.

Lou Yanong

So, along with Metro Beauty and Wellness editor Kate Paras-Santiago, we set out to find the easiest and instant fix to freshen up hair! As it turns out, we don’t have to look further than Vitress Hair Freshener!

Vitress Hair Freshener

Vitress Hair Freshener is a lightly scented spray-on fragrance for the hair that can make your hair smell good. It is infused with InstaFresh Technology which eliminates unwanted odors instantly, leaving your hair fresh, fragrant, and shiny all day.

There are different scents too—Floral Bloom for fruity, floral fragrance; Meadow Zest, for the fresh, citrusy scent; and Tropical Burst for a tropical, fruity scent. 

Vitress Hair Freshener 50ml


Vitress Hair Freshener is a lightly scented spray-on fragrance for the hair that deodorizes bad smells and replaces it with a fresh floral scent. How to use: Hold bottle 6 inches away from the head and spray on dry, damp, or styled hair. Re-apply as needed.


  • Vitress Hair Freshener 50ml

“When my hair smells good, I feel so confident, I feel like I can take on everything,” Lou says in the newest episode of Metro Labs.


“What I love about it is that it’s not heavy on your hair, the smell is fresh and subtle, not overpowering, hindi masakit sa ilong,” she adds.

She re-affirms what studies have said about perfume, and how they play an important part in affecting mood:

“I feel fresh, my mood changes, because smell can also transport you anywhere. I just feel more confident in talking to people, meet(ing) up with my friends, hang(ing) out, or even with just myself. Self-love! Ikaw rin lang ang nakaka-amoy n’yan.”

At the same time, Vitress easily helps in eliminating amoy pawis and amoy araw, or even the smell of Lou’s favorite Korean barbecue!

“Whatever it is that I’m doing—cleaning, walking outside, eating Korean barbecue—I’m sure my hair will always smell good because of Vitress Hair Freshener,” she shares.

The spray-on fragrance, which comes in a handy 50ml bottle, allows you to instantly eliminate unwanted odors wherever you are, whenever you need to.

Check out the video and tell us what you think!

For more information, visit the Vitress website or check out their Facebook and purchase via Watsons.