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K-Drama Actress Son Ye-jin’s Best Hairstyles From ‘Crash Landing On You’

The Korean TV show has stolen our hearts—and so have these effortless hairstyles!

Whether it’s intentional or not, K-beauty has completely taken over our routines especially if we’re going for that glowy, au naturel look. But aside from the makeup trends, another influence of the Hallyuwood wave is styling our hair in the most effortless ways possible. Case in point: actress Son Ye-jin has been urging all of us to drop the extensions and hair spray, and let our tresses flow naturally.

In her hit Netflix drama 'Crash Landing on You', Ye-jin takes on the character of Yoon Se Ri, a fashion CEO/estranged heiress who finds herself in North Korea after a paragliding accident. As a lady boss, Se Ri matches her fashion-forward looks with immaculately silky waves. But as she’s immersed into the local lifestyle up north, she starts wearing her hair in braids and scarves that serves damsel chic.

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In an interview with Allure Korea, her hairstylist revealed that Ye Jin does her hair herself on set without professional help to make it look more authentic! Below are our favorite hairstyles from the Korean stunner that you can easily steal:

A for Effortless

As a self-made businesswoman, Se Ri is all about letting her long fine mane loose while looking perfectly polished.

Subtly Curly

Whenever she opts for curls, she goes for a softer look that exudes elegance with minimum effort.

Crash Course

And when she accidentally crashed herself in the borders of North Korea, her fugitive look stilled turned out to be ten times more flawless than anything else we’ve ever done on ourselves on a significantly less stressful day.

Braid-y Bunch

As she starts living in a village far from her city life, Se Ri adapts into the local aesthetic including styling her hair in braids with an unkempt touch.

Scarf It

She may be a small town girl in the north, but Se Ri will always be chic at heart as proven by this glossy curls and head scarf combo. 

Tied to You

If Descendants of the Sun has that iconic shoe-tying scene, then Crash Landing on You has a hair-tying scene co-starring lead actor Hyun Bin, Ye Jin’s soldier lover. From Se Ri’s bouncy waves to her scarved ponytail, we can’t help but obsess over this beauty moment that will possibly go down in K-drama history!

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