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Straight Up: Getting Perfectly Sleek Hair Is Easy Peasy

In a world that seems to have been taken over by piece-y long bobs and beachy waves, it’s refreshing to see a handful of ladies step out of the runway with sleek, slicked-back hair. We’re heading into the future with this minimalist hair trend—it’s sophisticated, polished, and chic! Prabal Gurung’s Fall/Winter 2017 show centered on female power, and that translated to a ponytail party and a graphic floating liner look. You would think creating simple, straight strands would be as low-maintenance as the hairstyle looks, but unfortunately, the opposite is true. So, to help you on your journey to looking sleek yourself, we’ve come up with a handful of products to help you get started! Time to straighten things out:

Cynos Inside Hair Care Morocco Argan Oil Thairaphy

Argan oil has long been praised for its ability to strengthen and nourish hair minus the unwanted scalp residue. One small pump of this nourishing oil is enough to tame hair that has been blow dried, to help manage strands before combing into a clean ponytail.


Cynos Inside Hair Care Argan Ultra Hydrating Mask

Often neglected, hair masks are among the last things on our mind when it comes to hair therapy. We have this notion that they're reserved for when we do our salon visits, but we beg to disagree! This tub of wonders is made to infuse hair with nutrients we're not able to get from a regular washing session, so reserving one to two days a week for a mask session is highly recommended!


Revlon Professional 45 Days Sulfate Free Shampoo

Conditioner is a cruicial product for achieving sleek, straight her. While it's not advisable to use product on our hair daily, a conditioner is imperative for days when you're looking to achieve a sleek look minus the extra effort. Conditioning your hair is the very basic step to get you started.
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Goody Detangle It Vent and Comb Set

Durable hair tools are a great addition to your beauty routine, as they are things we use everyday, and tend to be with us for months, even years. It's good to begin with a wide-tooth comb and brush combo, a pair that will go a long way in managing those tresses. We love Goody's Detangle It line, created to help achieve manageable hair every day.
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Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil

Apart from its skin-loving properties such as moisturization and Vitamin E, pure sunflower oil is a great product to smooth on to hair before stepping out, as it adds a natural shine minus the weight that some hair creams or products may have. Consider this multi-use product a win-win!
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This article was originally appeared in Metro Magazine's September 2017 issue and was repurposed for Metro.Style. Lead photos via Into The Gloss