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Is Sun Protection For The Hair Part Of Your Summer Beauty Must-Haves?

You're protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays, but how about your hair? | Photo courtesy of Pantene and Green Bulb


“What’s your ultimate summer must-have?” The answer to the often-asked question is sunblock or sunscreen. By now, it has been emphasized way too much that we should protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, especially during summer when we have to deal with the scorching heat of the sun.

However, when we’re out basking in the sun, it’s not only our skin that’s prone to damage, the hot weather can take a toll on our hair, too! Despite that fact, we often neglect to protect our hair from the sun, and there’s actually not a lot of hair products in the market that address this beauty dilemma. 

Did you know, our hair is 3x more vulnerable to sun damage than our skin? Forgetting or skipping this beauty step could result to dry and brittle hair. What's more, apart from the sun, there are also other factors that can contribute to damaging your hair during summer: chlorine from swimming pool and salt from beach water.



To provide that much-needed protection for the hair, Pantene released the new Limited Edition Pantene UV Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. The shampoo gives hair protection from root to tip, and gives it the antioxidants and the hydration needed to strengthen each of its strands. The conditioner repairs 3 months' worth of hair damage and leaves hair looking smooth and shiny.

Along with the launch of these new products, Pantene’s first Filipina ambassador for Asia, Gabbi Garcia, was also introduced alongside other ambassadors of Pantene Philippines: Jasmine Curtis Smith, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Joyce Pring, Say Tioco, Anna Cay, and Dennise Lazaro.


Gabbi Garcia


Jasmine Curtis Smith and Gabbi Garcia


Pantene Philippines brand ambassadors (from left) Anna Cay, Dennise Lazaro, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Say Tioco, Jasmine Curtis Smith, Gabbi Garcia, and Joyce Pring


The Pantene Philippines brand ambassadors alongside larger-than-life bottles of the new Limited Edition Pantene UV Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner ?


The new limited edition Pantene UV Rescue products are a big help to these ladies this summer.


Read about how these ladies take care of their hair, how having beautiful hair gives them that much-needed confidence, and how they are spending summer:


Beauty vlogger and social media influencer Say Tioco shares, "I love coloring my hair ever since I learned how to color my own hair. Every time magfe-fade s'ya, 'Okay, ano'ng color next?'" For her, it's important to have statement-making and healthy hair to complement her different makeup looks.


The changes in weather can also take a toll on one's hair, but thankfully, this didn't become a problem for Alodia Gosiengfiao. Recently, she traveled to the hot deserts of Dubai then immediately moved on to another trip to the chilly New York City. Alodia says that there are so many places on her travel bucket list but she wants to explore more Philippine destinations first.


Joyce Pring is a triathlete, and her training for it makes her hair more prone to damage. She shares, "Everyday when I swim, [there's] chlorine, and then when I bike, it’s the harmful UV rays. I can really attest to this, if you wanna be a triathlete and at the same time look glamorous, you’re gonna need help.” And she gets help from the new Pantene products in maintaining her hair.


Young actress Gabbi Garcia is also a licensed scuba diver. What she does to protect her hair is to "apply the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner on my hair before I swim in the sea because it avoids stickiness and dryness after."


Award-winning actress Jasmine Curtis Smith also loves going to the beach and makes sure her hair is as protected from the sun's harmful rays as her skin. She shares, “I’m as legit as it gets when becoming a beach bum. My Australian blood, I think, talagang hindi ako nilagpasan. Kailangan I’m always by the water, near the beach. And it just so happens that my boyfriend is a surfer and now I’m into surfing after Siargao. I would say I’ve been persistent with learning since we started filming for Siargao which was last year around May. Since then, I’ve had more opportunities to surf. Before kasi, it was a one-off thing.”


For makeup enthusiast-turned-beauty vlogger Anna Cay, skin and hair protection especially while traveling is of utmost importance. Her upcoming summer destinations? Maldives and Jeju Island. 


Exposure to sun is unavoidable, more so for athletic girls like Dennise Lazaro, who is into beach volleyball. On her trainings, she says, "[It takes me] the most two hours under the intense heat of the sun, minsan morning, minsan noontime," this is why she knows that specific hair care steps must be taken into consideration in order to keep her hair healthy and strong. 


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Photographs by Grace Libero-Cruz, with additional photos courtesy of Pantene and Green Bulb