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How To Protect Your Hair From Outdoor Aggressors

Our hair experiences daily damage from pollution, heat, micro dust, UV rays, and humidity. A shampoo like NEW Sunsilk can protect our tresses from all of these. 

Hey girls! It feels good to step out, doesn’t it? 

While summer is now beginning to end, that doesn’t stop us from needing to head out into the world. School is going hybrid, offices are opening back up again, live events are slowly returning, and hanging out with our loved ones somewhere al fresco is still something that we’ll never taken for granted again.

But when we leave our homes, we expose ourselves to the elements: the sun, the rain, pollution, UV rays, and humidity, and so on. Our hair experiences daily damage from these environmental aggressors—pollution, heat, micro dust, UV rays, and humidity. This means we need a shampoo and concrete tips that can protect us from all of these.

Here are a few of our suggestions!

1. Amp up your style with a hat! A stylish hat can protect your hair from dust, dirt, and pollution—while even becoming an accessory that can add to your outfit. You can go with a simple baseball cap or bucket hat for more casual outfits, and then bring out a sun hat for when you’re frolicking on the beach.


2. Stay away from styling tools that use heat. When heading out, our hair is already regularly exposed to heat, pollution, and other stressors. Try to stay away from blow-drying and heat-curling your hair if you can, because these can lead to drier, prone-to-breakage hair. 


3. Wash your hair properly. The best thing to do, especially after a long day out, is to wash your hair properly and thoroughly. Wash out all that grime away—and we recommend using a shampoo like Sunsilk. When shampooing, apply a generous amount on your hands, lather from root to tip, and rinse thoroughly; make sure no build-up is left behind!

Sunsilk has a unique Activ-Infusion blend of oils, vitamins, and proteins, and will help you maintain healthy hair and reduce frizz while maximizing moisture. Best of all, you can choose from four variants, depending on your hair’s needs: Pink, for smooth and manageable locks, filled with flower oils, Vitamin B3, and collagen; Green, for hair that is strong and long, strengthening your locks with castor oil, biotin, and aloe vera; Purple, for straightening your hair, with jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and silk proteins; and Orange, for damage repair, with almond oil, Vitamin C, and keratin to bring life back to your hair. 


4. Drink lots of water and eat healthy foods. While you’re not exactly protecting your hair from aggressors this way, you’re still giving your tresses the nutrients they need to stay shiny, soft, and smooth all day. Hydrating is super important not just for our hair, but also for our skin and the rest of our body; while of course, eating healthy—and stocking up on fruits and vegetables—helps us feel more energized, stronger, and much more ready for the day ahead. 


For your best-ever year yet, use best-ever Sunsilk—made with Activ-infusion, a blend of oils vitamins and proteins that forms a protective shield while giving you smooth and fragrant hair! Walang makakapigil sa bangong nakaakgigil!

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