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Sakura Blossoms Shampoo Is The Freshest Shampoo You Should Try Now

Have a piece of Japan in your hair care routine with this sakura-infused product!

Japan’s cherry blossoms have inarguably become the face of spring season. Their whimsicality not only lures in many travelers, but it has also captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts, especially in the recent years where a number of brands offered limited-edition Sakura-themed beauty products. With its feminine and delicate aesthetics to its strong association with Asian beauty practices, there is no doubt that sakura-themed beauty products are often guaranteed as best-sellers.

Apart from its irresistible allure and fame in today’s beauty scene, is there really more to this popular Japanese flower that makes it ideal for our beauty routines? Its long history in ancient Japanese culture—and beauty practices—points to yes.

In the hair department, sakura-infused products are a great pick for your routine. Japanese sakura flowers are widely used as ingredients in hair products because it brings out your hair’s natural shine, gives your hair a fresh and floral scent, leaves your hair feeling lightweight, and keeps your hair healthy and fresh. Now, enter: Sunsilk Naturals Sakura & Raspberry Radiance shampoo, which covers just all that!

With Sunsilk, a brand that has been a soul sister whom we could rely on during our bad hair days, we can trust that it stands to its promises for all our hair issues!

Just like us, our favorite local celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo, Maris Racal, and Francine Diaz loved this refreshing ingredient, too! “Made with Japanese Sakura blossoms, your hair can stay fresh and #sakuradiant all day!” Maris wrote on her Instagram post.