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Re-fill Your Shampoo—The Planet Will Thank You For It

Try this simple swap for a greener beauty regime!

Amidst changing times, the world of beauty plays a huge role in the topic of sustainability. After all, the reality is that we consumers go through a lot of beauty products monthly, and that results in, quite literally, a pile of trash. Now that we've become more aware of the impact packaging waste causes our environment, it has become our joint responsibility with beauty brands to reduce the accumulation of waste in every way we possibly can. 

Good thing for us consumers, as there are many more brands that have decided to make sustainability a part of their core values, hence the shift in some of the packaging materials used, as well as the option to purchase refill packs instead of buying more full-sized plastic bottle products. 

Sunsilk, for example, upgraded their shampoo as the brand introduced the new Sunsilk with Activ-infusion, with refill packs! The refill pack is 100% recyclable and made with 75% less plastic. This innovation is a first of its kind as it is the first ever mono PE recyclable pouch in the Philippines. And, did you know that you get more value with these refill packs as they contain 30% more shampoo? This is compared to the 485 ml pump bottle!

Sunsilk Refill Packs

To help resolve your hair issues and achieve beautiful and fragrant hair, Sunsilk with Activ-infusion is available in the following shampoo varieties, which can cater to your hair needs! It's Sunsilk’s best-ever blend of vitamins, proteins, and oils! There's the Smooth & Manageable variant made with flower oils, vitamin B3, Collagen; and the Strong & Long variant made with castor oil, biotin, and aloe vera.

Caring for your hair is an inevitable part of daily life, and this time, it can be done with not just your looks, but the planet in mind as well! Living sustainably can be done with more awareness, more care, and more accessible options such as these new Sunsilk Refill Packs. Start adding to cart below:

Sunsilk Pink Smooth & Manageable 650ML Refill Pack

  • Sunsilk Pink Smooth & Manageable 650ML Refill Pack

Sunsilk Green Strong & Long 650ML Refill Pack

  • Sunsilk Green Strong & Long 650ML Refill Pack

You can also shop the Sunsilk Green Strong & Long 650ML Refill Pack on Shopee or Lazada; and the Sunsilk Pink Smooth & Manageable 650ML Refill Pack on Shopee or Lazada.

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