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Sweep Aside: The Glamorous Hair Look of #GoldenGlobes2019


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This awards season, we’re totally feeling the side-hair sweep! It’s definitely not a new hair trend, and in fact, it dates back all the way to the Old Hollywood era; but there’s something alluring about it this season.

Perhaps because we’ve seen more modification of it this time around at the Golden Globes; regardless of how one styles it, however, the enchanting effect is the same. By adding a little of hair accent to the side of your face, you draw attention to a certain angle; and for some people, it helps balance out any irregularities in the facial structure.

As these red-carpet queens are here to illustrate, there are many ways to sport a side-sweep hairdo. Try it out, play around the look and don’t forget to work with what’s fabulous for you.


A Simple Tuck

If you’re running a little short of time, or just want to keep things natural, shift the part of your hair to your desired side (some people prefer the right, some prefer the left—it’s totally up to you!), and push back the hair on the slimmer side to the back your ear. Use hair clips to keep it in place, and give a quick touch of hairspray. It’s that easy! But if you want some added voluptuous locks, curl your hair for added definition, especially on the dominant side.


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Soft Side Locks

Add a gentle, seemingly effortless touch to your updo by letting a pinch of hair dangle from the side of your face. This is perfect for those who feel that hair buns are too austere for their liking; by adding that one (or two?) dangles of hair on the sides, you add a relaxed—even youthful—touch to your face.


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Head-Turning Side Buns

If you’re feeling full-on glamorous that’s fit for a red carpet, why not try a voluminous side bun? Like our favorite starts, Taylor Swift and Sandra Oh, you can rock that gravity defying bun for a real movie-star appeal; it evokes a lot of the classic Hollywood screen sirens, which is always fashionable. Side buns do require some work though, like curling your hair, and lots of styling products to make sure everything is in place. But as you can see, the results are so worth it!


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