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Turn Up Your Hair, Turn On Your Camera

Here’s how you can have great hair days every day in just a few steps—ready for video calls anytime, anywhere

In this day and age where Zoom meetings and virtual events have replaced in-person ones, there are moments when you wake up and think, “Whatever.” Your hair’s a mess and you don’t feel like turning on your camera for your weekly meeting—but what if we told you that you don’t have to fret about frizz anymore?

What if we told you that you could have great hair days every day at home? With Vitress products, like the Cuticle Coat, the Hair Polish, and the Hair Freshener, we guarantee a quick fix to whatever your hair problems can be.

The Cuticle Coat, for example, protects each hair strand, sealing it from damage. The result? Instant shine, smoothness, and softness. It will only take less than 5 minutes to spread Cuticle Coat on your hair and brush it to perfection, or you can also opt to use a blow dryer for a more professional look. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair in a flash!

Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat Classic 50ml

  • Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat Classic 50ml

On the other hand, there’s the Hair Polish, a non-greasy cream that is light to apply—and light on the wallet, too! Powered with Vita Strength Formula, Vitress Hair Polish Strengthening variant helps tame frizz as well as prevent split ends. It’s a great must-have in your bag, or even just right next to you when you work from home!

Here’s a tip: You can apply it directly to your hair and comb or style as usual. There’s no need to wet or condition your hair.

Vitress Hair Polish Strengthening 50ml

  • Vitress Hair Polish Strengthening 50ml

And finally, there’s the Vitress Hair Freshener: a lightly scented spray-on fragrance for your crowning glory, infused with InstaFresh Technology—this eliminates unwanted odors instantly, leaving your hair fresh, fragrant, and shiny all day.

What’s good about the Hair Freshener is that instead of washing your hair after joining a group workout or cooking party, you can just spray it on your hair to get rid of the smell. While smelling good might not necessarily translate to Zoom, you’ll feel so much better when your hair smells great!

Plus, it comes in three different scents, too—from Meadow Zest, Tropical Burst, and Floral Bloom.

Vitress Hair Freshener 50ml

  • Vitress Hair Freshener 50ml

With these top three Vitress products, you no longer have to worry about keeping your video off when you’re in a Zoom meeting with your coworkers: just a few pumps or spritzes of each product is sure to rejuvenate your hair (and your mood) very quickly—so what are you waiting for? Shop now.

For more information visit the Vitress website or check out and purchase via Watsons (Vitress has been Watsons’ Hair Styling Brand of the Year since 2017.)