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We Would Don Messy Hair If We Could Pull It Off Like Meghan Markle Did

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, now best known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have made quite a stir yesterday with their unpredictable choices and refreshingly new take on Royal Weddings. From Meghan's minimalist wedding gown, to the people of color included in the wedding ceremony, it's safe to say the modern royals have managed to usher us all into a new era of royalty.



Not one to conform, the new Princess shocked the world by walking down the aisle in a less than made up hairstyle for her big day—an unkempt mid-part low updo that seems to magically work well with the rest of her look. "How can Meghan do wrong?" seems to be the question in everyone's mind, and we can't help but envy her ability to make even the most messy hairstyles look amazing. 

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Some people thought otherwise though, perhaps expecting a bride marrying into royalty to be as made up as physically possible. But if anything's apparent as of late, Meghan is out to break rules and be awesome while she's at it. This is the new normal. 

Check out some of the tweets from Royal Wedding viewers who expressed their opinions about Meghan's disheveled look:





And who is responsible for her big day disheveled look? Meet Serge Normant, a hairstylist to the stars who does amazing work for the likes of Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Helena Christensen, and a ton of glossy covers and editorial work. Ironically, in real life, we do aspire to be able to pull off a messy 'do from time to time, but without professional help (or blessed genes), it may be hard to get right. We think Meghan was able to do it right, from the ceremony to the reception, because she stayed true to who she is and what she's known for, and this may be the best formula for rocking a look: Be true to what works for you!




Whether or not we were comfortable with that stray strand of hair peeking from beneath her Givenchy veil, we're confident to conclude that her style and beauty choices were so on point that future brides may very well take a page or two out of the Meghan Markle book of aesthetics! Now that's a breath of fresh air!

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Lead photo via The Royal Family