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We're Sharing Five Of Our Favorite Hair Care Products And How They Help Us Achieve All Our Hair Goals—Grab A Few In Your Next Beauty Haul!

Say goodbye to troublesome tresses, and hello to lovely locks!



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Just as skincare can help you look flawless and your favorite makeup looks pop, an array of haircare and hair styling products can bring out covetable gloss, volume, and bounce in your crowning glory. Never discount the importance of having a good shampoo, hair mask, or cuticle coat as part of your beauty arsenal—it can make all the difference! 

Take it from us; we recently discovered a handful of hair products we tried and tested ourselves and now absolutely cannot live without. From products that target frizz, to those that offer easy color touch ups in between color appointments and let you deeply hydrate parched strands, this curated kikay kit for hair is all you need to achieve all your hair goals.


What: TRESemmé Platinum Strength Treatment Mask



What it's for: As an alternative to regular hot oil or Brazilian blowout sessions, bring home a small tub of this hair mask that intensely hydrates and strengthens hair while reversing damage. Swapping it for your regular conditioner, it can be used every other day for hair that's truly in need of a deep moisture boost, a special weekly treat to simply keep hair looking beautiful, or on occasion when your hair is subjected to stress from styling, heat, bleach, saltwater, chlorine, or color treatments.

Why we love it: It works—instantly. Reap the benefits of this hair mask after just one use and we swear your hair will thank you. It's definitely also a plus that it's nourishing and not at all greasy.



What: Vitress Cuticle Coat



What it's for: For the gals that find themselves fighting frizz on a daily basis, never fear; we just found your secret weapon. When you've dried your hair, apply a pea-sized amount of this styling oil on the ends of your hair (begin from the ear down). Scrunch it in with your fingers or spread it out evenly with your palms. Be amazed at how well it keeps strays and fly-aways at bay from morning till night—and trumps your self-consciousness, for good!

Why we love it: It delivers noticeable results, is easy to use, light on the wallet, lends hair a light fragrance, and a small bottle can last you for ages. Take it from artist and actress Solenn Heussaff who's been using Vitress for years! The Filipina-French beauty swore by her favorite cuticle coat at Watson's' #HairGoals event held last week that invited all Filipinas to enjoy changing up their hair styles without fear of damage. 




What: L'Oréal Magic Retouch


What it's for: Who knew that a hair concealer would ever be invented? Here's a great one from hair expert L'Oréal that's meant to give you quick touch ups between colorings. It's best used for ladies covering up light or gray roots, but can definitely be used by anyone needing a little touching up before their next salon appointment. It comes currently comes in four shades: black, light brown, dark brown, and blond.

Why we love it: No one wants to spend full price on a color job just to touch up a quarter inch of roots. For those looking for a solution to this, here's one that we can vouch for. It easily blends with your natural color (or current hair color), doesn't stain clothes, and washes off with every shampoo. It's a band aid solution we approve of!



What: Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo


What it's for: The concept of dry shampoos is still rather foreign to Filipinas, but now is the time to learn that they're mostly used by those who prefer to wet and shampoo hair every other day, or when you want to add texture to a style. For second or third day hair, dry shampoo keeps the scalp clean and minimizes grease without stripping hair of its natural oils. When used for styling purposes, it provides hair with more volume and texture so that hair is more capable of holding a style (think of the times your hair needed teasing so that bobby pins and elastics didn't slip off; dry shampoo gives the same effect, without stressing out your hair).

Why we love it: While we don't often use dry shampoo, it's especially helpful for when you want to preserve a fresh dye job. Regular shampooing can reduce hair color vibrance, and dry shampoo is the antidote to this.



What: Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue



What it's for: For women whose ultimate hair goal is to achieve sleek, needle-straight strands without having to undergo harsh chemical treatments, feel free to trade in your everyday conditioner for one of Cream Silk’s best products to date. Take advantage of its triple formula: it's got Keratin serum to promote straightening, Keratin relaxers to encourage smoothness, and Keratin essence for shine.

Why we love it: It's all the straight hair maintenance you'll ever need—minus the hefty salon price tag. It works wonders for any hair length, too, and best of all, it's really not just for women with straight hair. Wavy and curly-haired girls can also enjoy its hair-taming effects; just make sure you use a quarter sized amount and condition only the bottom half of your hair.


And with that, we hope we've encouraged you to explore other products that transform your hair into the best it’s ever been! All products are available at Watson's.

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