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This Simple, Often-Overlooked Hair Care Tip Can Make A Big Difference To Your Mane

A bad hair day can easily ruin your mood, and even affect your performance at work. When you’re not confident with how your hair looks, you become uneasy and overly conscious, perhaps always excusing yourself for a quick restroom touch-up or checking yourself in the mirror every chance you get.  

And when you find that you’re usually dealing with unmanageable, tangled hair, you tend to think that only a trip to the salon can save you from the stress over messy tresses. But before you spend thousands in the salon, go back to basics and ask yourself first: how often do you brush your hair in a day? Do you even have a brush in your bag?




The different roles you play in life may require different hairstyles, so you need to be equipped with a basic hair care tool, such as an ever-reliable, easy-to-bring WetBrush, to take your mane anywhere from hair down and half-pony to high pony and updo.

Women who lead such an active lifestyle and juggle various responsibilities, like Ride Revolution Senior Instructor and ABS-CBN S+A host Cam Lagmay, swear by the great benefits simply brushing your hair can have on your day-to-day life.

“For me, the secret to a happy life is feeling good from the inside first, and when you feel good from the inside, it reflects on the outside. And with that, you are able to help other people, make other people happier, and extend love to other people as well,” Cam says.      

Remember, your hair is tied to your self-esteem, so you should make sure to take care of it.