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Where To Get Your Beauty Fix: The Best Salons Around The Globe

Whether you're in need of a color touch up or emergency trim while on vacation, or you've moved to a different part of the world and would like to know which hair experts you can trust, we know how much it means to (literally) put your precious tresses — and overall look — in the hands of a stranger.  

Save yourself the unnecessary worry and check out these tried and tested, trustworthy salons from around the world. 

Salon Republic by Guy Tang: West Hollywood, California 

Guy Tang is loved, loved, loved by ladies who like trendy, eye-catching colors. His expertise is achieving color from your wildest dreams and can guarantee excellent results no matter what you're aiming for. If you're out to get candy-colored tresses in pastel purples and pinks, a rosegold mane, mermaid-inspired locks, ashy balayage, color repair, bleaching without damaging, and anything in between, Guy Tang is the colourist and hair stylist for you. 


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The Kim Robinson Salon: Hong Kong

This salon is highly recommended for women who can go without washing their hair for a day or two. Their signature service is a unique dry out technique (developed by celebrity stylist Kim Robinson herself) that follows the natural flow of one's hair. The technique essentially brings out and enhances what your natural hair can bring to your beauty game without fighting its natural grain, leaving it damaged and overstyled. Additionally, the salon is also a go-to for a mature clientele who wish to revitalize and restore the youthfulness to hair thanks to their Hair Rejuvenation Formula. 

Photo: Kim Robinson

George Northwood: London 

For the girl looking for a dramatic change, it's time to book an appointment with London's George Northwood. This hair stylist that's known for being able to change your look by drastically chopping locks off is responsible for popularizing the "lob," a.k.a. the long bob. The mid-length hairstyle has become hugely popular for celebrities around the world, considering that it's chic yet easy to maintain — and with this salon's services, you too can achieve the A-list hairstyle. 


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Studio Marisol: Paris 

This is highly recommended for ladies in search of an English-speaking salon in one of the most fashionable cities in the world! It can be stressful to sit in a chair at a beauty salon and unable to understand the conversation being made about your hair, so save yourself the anxiety and head on over to Studio Marisol. This beauty destination will be well-loved by clients seeking a natural-looking makeover. Gentle coloring techniques paired with flattering tones and a manageable cut that will let you look your best even without heavy styling is what you'll find here. 

Photo: Studio Marisol

Pier Giuseppe Moroni & C. S.N.C.: Milan

When you step into a salon that's been responsible for the looks for fashion editorials of brands like Dirk Bikkembergs, Etro, La Perla, Pomellato, Tod's, and Trussardi, you know you're in for a treat of a lifetime. Italian fashionistas that are unafraid of experimenting with their hair visit this salon to upgrade a look, whether it's through color, cuts, extensions, weaves, straightening, or curling. This place is for the bold and the beautiful, the one who believes that beauty is constantly evolving, and never still nor silent. 

Photo: Pier Giuseppe Moroni

Soonsiki Hair: Seoul 

You don't have to be a K-pop or Korean novela fan to appreciate how Koreans have perfected the art of hair dyeing and styling. Somehow, no matter how outrageous their hair color and styles can be, they still look absolutely adorable with hair that looks healthy all day, every day. Soonsiki Hair can help you get Korean-gorgeous hair thanks to their English-speaking staff that take the time to sit down with clients to discuss their needs before inviting them to sit in the styling chair. They evaluate health hair to see if your desired style can be achieved without damage, and openly suggest hair colors that complement your skin tone yet are still fashionable. They definitely don't just do as they say if they think they have something better up their sleeves; personalized service is what keeps clients coming back. 

Photo: Soonsiki Hair

Henri Calayag Salon: Manila 

You'll be just fine when you sit in Henri Calayag's salon for a quick snip or a total overhaul — more than fine, in fact. This salon is one of the few places you can go to in Manila where you can confidently step inside with a photo of a celebrity with great hair, have them tailor fit the style for your hair type and face shape, then come home feeling totally satisfied with your new 'do. It's a verstile place that makes women looking for low maintainance styles and those wanting va va voom for their hair feel equally beautiful. Book an appointment for when you need to get dolled up for a special occasion and you're sure to be the belle of the ball. 

Photo: Henri Calayag Salon

Lead photos via Studio Marisol & Soonsiki Hair