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3 Things We “Highlighted” From RiRi’s Raw And Ready Makeup Tutorial

In the sometimes reeling modern age of minute to minute posting, there are nearly no beauty secrets.  What’s a beauty secret worth today?  If it’s great, you ought to spill it to the world before anyone else does.  It’s no longer about keeping it to yourself.  


Celebrities, influencers, self-taught citizens all partake of and contribute to the current democracy of online beauty know-how. The beauty community has established that women like Rihanna can do what we do, and we, likewise, can do what she does.


Her recent makeup video posted by Vogue online went viral in a matter of hours last week. She “dropped” a couple of pieces from an upcoming new Fenty Beauty cosmetic collection into the look as well. She even mentioned a certain dual-shade eyeshadow compact named “Beach, Please” or could it be a new kilowatt freestyle highlighter? From Badgal Riri’s pretty generous makeup tutorial we picked up on 3 important things when it comes to completing an overall makeup look:



1. When it comes to contour, choose right and fear not.

Riri’s never about holding back on added definition. Pack it on if you have to, as long as the color or shade is subtle enough to suit you and looks like a true shadowed area of your skintone.


2. Minimalize and use your bronzer as eyeshadow.

You can simplify your life and cut down on what you carry by picking out a bronzer that’s good enough to use as an eyeshadow.  Makeup counters almost always allow testing, so the next time you’re buying a bronzer, try it out over your lids as well.


3. Balance your overall look with body glow.

The way you can tell if someone has a natural understanding of overall beauty is if they balance it out.  It’s a little off-putting when you see someone’s face fully made up and highlighted then everything else falling beneath that like the neck, décolletage area, and shoulders are just bare and dull.  Applying a body sheen product like Fenty Beauty Body Lava over the right areas can fix that.  It’s a product conceived and inspired from Riri’s past days in the Bahamas.  She, once upon a time, would crush eyeshadows and blend them with oil to make her own glow giver.


Lead photos and screencaps via Vogue Youtube