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5 Ways To Rainproof Your Makeup, According To A Pro Makeup Artist

Love it or hate it, the rainy season comes without fail during the mid-year here in the Philippines. While you're all set with your rain-appropriate outfits and statement pieces to flaunt this season, just to remind you, it is equally essential that your beauty routine adjusts as well. 


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The no-brainer solution for most of us during this season is to invest in waterproof or water-resistant makeup products. But as we know, the really good products almost always comes with a pricey tag—for good reason, and often live up to the hype. But fret no more if you’re on a budget! Know that there are tips and tricks you can try to make your current product lineup last longer. 


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To extend that helping hand, we talked to pro makeup artist Carmel Villongco and here, she shared some makeup tricks and tips to keep your face on point despite the wet season!


Using a primer is essential. 

"It’s a staple for all seasons but most especially during rainy season when the weather is humid and raindrops keep falling on your head. A primer does not only smoothen out imperfections but it also makes your makeup last longer. I recommend Dior Diorskin Forever and Ever Wear, I use it all the time!"


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Don’t cake your face. 

"Keep your foundation light or better yet, skip it altogether. But if you really must use self-setting foundations, there’s no need to dust off with powder. Otherwise, that would be a sticky situation (literally and figuratively) when it gets wet. As for me, I use Dior Forever Undercover 24H full coverage water-based foundation. Just make sure it’s close to your skin shade so, if raindrops do make it fade, it’s still close to your natural color."

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Use cream and powder makeup.

"For eyeshadows and blush, it is best to use those that have cream to powder finishes. They’re compatible with the wet weather plus they’re easier to blend when your makeup gets wet and patchy."

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Save your lip tint for the wet, rainy days. 

"Now is the best time to use lip tints as a base to layer on your lipstick with for less fading effect. My go-to combo is the Dior Lip Glow and Lip Tattoo."

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Set your makeup with setting spray.

"After you're all done with your makeup, don’t forget to set it with setting spray to make sure everything stays intact despite the weather!" 


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