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Create Beautiful Korean Profile Photos With This AI App

Channel your favorite Hallyu star!

We're living in the AI generation. No longer just an idea we see in movies, AI is slowly taking over our world—and in our case, one profile photo at a time. 

Just recently, you've probably seen your favorite celebrity experiment with AI, showing off beautiful AI-generated profile photos that resemble your favorite Korean stars. Flawless, poreless porcelain skin, perfectly styled hair, light eyes, and the perfect gradient lips are just some of the ways AI has transformed our ~regular~ selfies. Wondering how to get your own? The first step you've got to do is download the SNOW app from either Google Play or the App Store.

SNOW App AI Profile

Exclusive to the app is this AI profile photo studio that you can use to transform the old selfies you have lying around on your smartphone. The app provides tips on how to make the most of your AI experience:

  • Only one person's face may be included
  • The more poses included, the better.
  • Complicated backgrounds or small faces may not be properly recognized.
  • You can choose how long it takes to receive the result
  • You can purchase or earn jellies (SNOW currency) for free
  • The AI cannot learn from multiple identical photos

Upon starting the process, the app will ask you to upload 10-20 different selfies with clear facial features, photos of the same person (in this case, you), photos from various angles, backgrounds, and expressions. This helps the app create your own unique profile to create these stunning Korean-inspired profile shots!

Korean beauty Youtuber Kim Dax using SNOW AI Profile | @kimdax.daun
Korean beauty Youtuber Kim Dax using SNOW AI Profile | @kimdax.daun
Korean beauty Youtuber Kim Dax using SNOW AI Profile | @kimdax.daun

The app currently offers 30 different themes for its AI Profile generator, but soon enough, we're pretty sure you will be able to enjoy even more looks to get adventurous with! 

Download the SNOW app here.