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EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Makeup Artist Albert Kurniawan Worked On This Indonesian Superstar's Bridal Look!

Albert Kurniawan, the go-to makeup artist of celebrities Heart Evangelista, Toni Gonzaga, and Kim Chiu, is no stranger to the limelight. Now on his 10th year in the industry, the Indonesian makeup artist has cemented his name as a veteran in the Philippine beauty industry, even launching his own makeup line early this year. Recently, he added yet another superstar on his roster of loyal clients—Indonesian pop singer Princess Syahrini, no less!



The award-winning celebrity has over 27 million followers on Instagram alone. Just last month, she got wed in a Muslim ceremony—and even hand-picked Albert to do her bridal look. "It felt like a huge reward for me to be granted this opportunity," exclaimed Albert. "Doing Princess Syahrini's makeup is every artist's dream—what more doing her wedding makeup!" The two met last 2018 at a TV commercial shoot in Romania. "The moment we met, I knew we'd click right away. She is a super nice and authentic person—she has a pure heart!" he quipped.

"She is my first traditional Sundanese bride, and also my first Muslim bride. I had to study the background and the culture," the celebrity makeup artist shared. "A Muslim bride cannot be touched by other men before they go to the mosque, so I had to wear gloves while doing her makeup. It was something new for me, but it was a fun experience."

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Albert shared the low-down on his inspiration for Princess Syahrini's unforgettable wedding look. Keep scrolling for your dose of beauty fix!


All photos via @princessyahrini, @aldiphoto, and @abtkurniawan


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Metro.Style: How were you approached to do Syahrini's bridal makeup?

Albert Kurniawan: "Her sister, who is also her manager, was the one who called me. I had to keep [the news of the wedding] a secret since they wanted to keep it private at first. 

When I first found out that they booked me, I couldn't believe it—after all, I knew her makeup artists [in Indonesia] are superb. It's such an AMAZING opportunity!"


MS: What was your inspiration behind her look?

AK: "Princess Syahrini is a top singer in Indonesia, and she is known for her bold eye makeup and full inner lashes. So on her wedding day, I decided to go for something simpler, straying from a full-on glam look. I didn't want people to see her as "Princess Syahrini, the singer" on her wedding day—I wanted them to see her as a vibrant, glowing, and happy bride. Luckily, she agreed with my suggestion!"

Photo: @aldiphoto

MS: What is the difference between the typical Filipino bridal look and the Indonesian bridal look? 

AK: "Filipino bridal makeup is much simpler. On the other hand, Indonesian brides love detailed looks. I did bridal makeup for around five Indonesian brides already, and they all opted for glamor. But this is my first time to do makeup for a traditional Indonesian bride, which required me to incorporate more color, while keeping her overall look fresh and natural."


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MS: How different is this wedding from the previous weddings you've attended?

AK: "I attended both the akad nikah (Muslim ceremony) and the wedding reception. Normally, Indonesian weddings have 1,000 to 2,000 guests—but this celebirty couple opted to have an intimate celebration instead. They only invited super close friends and immediate family members. Phones and cameras were not allowed inside, so it's very different from a regular Indonesian wedding."

Photo: @princessyahrini


Lead banner image taken by Dookie Ducay via @abtkurniawan