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Amp Up Your Beauty Game With These Lip Liner Tricks

All lip shapes are beautiful—but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with yours. Surgical enhancement can do the trick. The question is: are you physically and financially ready for that kind of commitment?

If not, then choosing the right lip liner is your best option. Aside from prolonging the staying power of your lipstick and preventing color bleeding, this beauty gem can also redefine your lip shape—minus the hassle and the hefty price tag. Just choose the outline that suits you best, apply your go-to lipstick, and voila! Hello, gorgeous pucker!


Got uneven lips? Study your lips carefully then draw on areas that need correcting. Be careful not to overdraw. Keep cotton buds handy to remove excess lines.


Not a fan of large, full lips? That’s okay! Just apply concealer around the edge of your lip line to blur its original shape. Then draw smaller lip shape to give the illusion that you reduced its size.


You don’t need big gun lip plumpers and injections to get poutier looking lips. Get instant results by applying concealer around the edge of your lip line. Draw your desired shape then fill the entire area with your lipstick.


Some prefer the 1:2 upper and lower lip ratio. But if you want to balance its size, just lengthen the upper area of your lip using your liner to match the thickness of your lower lip.


Thin lips are sexy, too! But if having shapely lips is your #goals, just extend the area of your upper and lower lip to get your desired shape.


PRO TIP: Never underestimate the power of using the right lip liner shade, too. No matter how precise your outline is, everything will go to waste if your chosen liner won’t blend well with the color of your lipstick. It's either you go for lighter shades or you use lip liners that have the exact same color as your lippies. EB Matte Lip Liner offers 12 irresistible shades you could choose from—plus you can get one for only Php125 so experiment away!

Getting your dream pout doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is a little creativity and a hardworking lip liner to add extra oomph to your pout effortlessly!