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REVLON LIPSTICK TALKS #LIVEBOLDLY: Anna Manalastas’ Serene Way of Living Boldly

Living boldly doesn’t have to be loud. It can also be achieved by unapologetically loving yourself and seeking inner peace.

Anna Manalastas is a yoga teacher who first embarked on a creative career before realizing her passion and purpose. When she finally found yoga as her calling, she wasted no time and learned all she can about it. Truly, Anna lives her life boldly and here are other ways she does so.



She is an advocate of nurturing one’s self. “The best advice I can give others is to love yourself and to be able to accept yourself unconditionally. It’s okay to take care of yourself,  to give yourself some time, to slow down, to eat good food, to practice uplifting, inspiring and grounding practices like exercise or yoga or even meditation.  When you love yourself, you’ll  end up having a better capacity to love others as well and, hopefully, make a better world.”

She believes in empowering others. “I aim to help and empower others through teaching  them what I’ve learned throughout my journey and guiding them towards taking care of and practicing compassion towards themselves. Hopefully, they end up, practicing compassion towards others as well.”



As Anna teaches yoga, she faces each class with an everyday make-up look that looks very natural.

“I try to accentuate my make-up by using blush or maybe even a bold lipstick because it gives who I am a little bit of a twist. Not only does it attract other people, it also gives me an opportunity to express myself in a unique way,” she shared.



She achieves this “me-with-a-twist” beauty goal by wearing Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in Sunset and Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder in Light Medium.



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