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EXCLUSIVE: Anne Curtis Launches Inclusive Makeup Collection 'blk Universal'

Apart from its versatility, quality, and affordability, blk Cosmetics has long been known for its PETA-approved cruelty-free status. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Anne Curtis is stepping up her game in the beauty industry with the makeup brand’s bravest collection to date.



Dubbed as blk Universal, the lineup showcases universally-flattering shades and multi-use essentials that shine light on its tagline “uncomplicated beauty.” “It’s designed for everyone,” explains Anne. “It’s gender-neutral beauty made simple.”



While it’s the most basic lineup they have done so far, to her, it’s the most special. “It’s a simple yet meaningful collection for everyone that’s part of the blk team. If you look at our past collections, it’s been very feminine so we wanted to do something that’s neutral because blk is not just for every Filipino woman. It’s for every Filipino now,” the Creative Director shares. “It’s easy to put on, easy to use by yourself, your mom, even a guy who’s looking for something to try and it’s his first time.”


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For the beauty junkie—who takes inspiration from Korean makeup artist Pony and Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner—being creative with makeup gives her a wonderful feeling. “It makes me feel empowered and fun! With blk, there’s no limit as to how creative you can get. My partners are open to a lot of ideas that’s why I really enjoy doing it.”



Anne happily shared some of her makeup tips and tricks, saying she never steps out of the house without a cheek tint in her bag. “You can use that for anything—your cheeks, your lips, your eyes. It’s easy to go to in case of emergency,” she declares. “It’s also nice to get a product with SPF in it for your face. In this country, it’s so hot so it’s good to protect your skin.” The third one, the actress continues, is to have the perfect red lippie in your kit, “in case of those glam nights you want to have.”



As someone who is overflowing with creative power, the TV host believes there are no rules when it comes to beauty, except for one. “Stick to your true skin tone. You don’t have to go for the lighter shade,” Anne stresses, revealing that blk Universal will make this easier for all the beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts out there. “We added more shades to match different skin tones. In the 90s, we all made that mistake and it is part of the process now but of course, there are more brands and we’re trying to add to that wherein you have the option to find your true skin tone.”




When asked about her favorite product from blk Cosmetics’ latest collection, she was clearly left puzzled. “This is actually the problem when people ask me about my favorite item. How can I choose when I love all of them?” she asks as she goes on to express her love for the entire lineup.



“I definitely love our new skin tints—it’s amazing how it applies on your skin. It’s very smooth, it brightens your face, it has SPF 30,” she continues. “I also love our new eyebrow product, which is the universal brow stick so we are adding now a brow mascara with the pencil. Our pencil kasi is the favorite of everyone. It’s our number one seller.”

Another thing to look forward to in the collection is the universal tint duo, shares Anne. “It comes in matte also and a water tint so you can use this pretty much on everything. You can use it on your eyes, cheeks, and lips so it’s really hard to choose,” she explains, putting forward a wide range of contour sticks, cheek sticks, and lipstick shades. “We also have the new color-changing balm that adapts to the color of your lips. It’s really for everyone.”



Do we still have a long way to go in the fight for beauty diversity? “Yes, obviously,” Anne answers without flinching. “We still have a long way to go but I have faith that we’ll get there,” she says, sparking hope for more inclusivity and better change from the makeup brand. “We’ll always have something new to share with everyone.”



The new blk Universal collection is officially launching on July 10 and will be available exclusively on, and through

The collection will be available at all Watsons and The SM Store Beauty Section outlets starting July 12. For updates on upcoming mall events, follow blk cosmetics on social media: @blkcosmeticsph on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.